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Waco, TX

Waco, TX, roofer waco tx A thriving, growing city, Waco owes much of its success to its location. Approximately halfway between Austin and Dallas, Waco’s location attracted 19th century cattle drovers and countless immigrants, while the arrival of Interstate 35 spurred growth during the last half of the 20th century. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Waco, TX was estimated to be more than 134,400 in 2016. When Wacoites need repairs performed on their residential or commercial roofs, metal roofs or asphalt shingles installed, roof maintenance plans, new siding,  or damage inspections, they often ask Alpha Roofing for help, secure in the knowledge that Alpha will provide high-quality results.

Waco, TX – The History

Although many towns in Central Texas were founded by railroads, Waco was a bustling community long before the Waco Tap Railroad arrived in 1870. The first European settlers arrived during the late 1840s, and the town was officially incorporated in 1856. Waco University was founded in 1861, by which time the city was home to two newspapers and a ferry operation across the Brazos River. In 1866, the town’s citizens launched a project to construct the first bridge over the Brazos, completing the 475-foot suspension bridge in 1870.

In 1886, Baylor University relocated from Independence to Waco, merging with Waco University. Baylor has been an important part of the city’s economy ever since and remains one of the top employers in Waco. In the intervening years, however, Waco’s economy has grown to include significant contributions from the health care, retail and high-tech industries. Agriculture, particularly cotton, still plays a role in the local economy.

Roofing Services in Waco

At Alpha Roofing, we routinely provide services to customers in a diverse range of industries. Our customers include homeowners, churches, retailers, warehouses, office parks, hospitals, schools, restaurants, apartment complexes and manufacturers. Common services requested in Waco include the following.

Residential Roofing in Waco, TX can encompass a wide variety of services, including roof repairs, wind and hail damage inspections, replacement roofs and chimney repairs. In addition, we are often asked to install siding.
Commercial Roofing in Waco, TX typically encompasses flat roof replacements. We also fabricate custom metal accessories such as vents and trims.
Roof Repairs in Waco, TX can help prevent additional damage to a structure’s interior and building components. Existing or potential emergency roof leaks should always be dealt with as emergencies.
Metal Roof Installations in Waco, TX need the skills of an experienced contractor with the correct tools and equipment. Due to their longevity, variety and aesthetics, metal roofs have been dramatically increasing in popularity for both residential and commercial properties.
Roofing Maintenance plans in Waco, TX can free property owners from worry while giving them an easy way to budget for preventive maintenance for their roofs. Regular inspections keep owners updated on the status of the roof’s health, allowing them to plan and budget accurately for a replacement roof. Routine maintenance tasks performed as part of the plan can help keep minor issues from becoming major repairs.

At Alpha Roofing, we offer a complete range of residential and commercial roofing-related services in Waco, TX. We are an award-winning, highly rated contractor with exemplary references and employees who are committed to delivering exceptional work in a truly professional manner. Our services include installing asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, modified bitumen systems and skylights. We also repair roofs, chimneys and flashing, and we offer emergency roof repairs, wind and hail damage inspections, maintenance plans and metal fabrication. For a free estimate, call (512) 777-1086 or submit the online form.