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Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park, TX, roofer Cedar Park txCedar Park is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, and the increase in population since 1990 has been nothing short of remarkable. In 1990, Cedar Park had approximately 5,260 residents. Within 10 years, the population had increased by more than 20,700 people. By 2010, the population exceeded 48,900, and the current population is estimated at more than 75,200. The rise in population has also brought an influx of new businesses. At Alpha Roofing, we provide property owners in Cedar Park, TX with a variety of services, including flat roof replacements, metal roof installations, emergency roof repairs, asphalt shingle installations, chimney repairs, siding installations, roof inspections, custom metal fabrication and routine maintenance plans.

Cedar Park, TX | The History

Before European settlers arrived during the 19th century, the area around Cedar Park was home to several Native American tribes, including the Comanche, the Lipan Apache and the Tonkawa. However, an archaeological site discovered in 1983 revealed evidence that human habitation began at least 7,000 years ago. Prehistoric occupants were probably attracted to the fast-flowing spring that served as the headwaters of what would later be called Running Brushy Creek.

When European settlers arrived, they founded a small community that they called Running Brushy. Little is known about this community prior to the 1870s. However, in 1871, George and Harriet Cluck drove cattle up the Chisholm Trail, and two years later, they purchased a tract of land that included the spring. Their ranch became the center of the community, which was granted a post office bearing the name of Running Brushy in early 1874.

In 1882, the railroad completed tracks between Austin and Burnet. The route crossed the Cluck ranch at Running Brushy. The railroad insisted on changing the town’s name to Brueggerhoff to honor a company official’s partner. However, residents found the name difficult to pronounce and even harder to spell, so five years later, George and Harriet’s son changed the town’s name to Cedar Park.

For many years, little changed in Cedar Park. In 1930, there were only 117 residents, and fewer than 200 new residents were added by 1950. However, during the 1960s, growth in Austin spurred the construction of housing subdivisions in Cedar Park. The population exceeded 1,000 for the first time in 1970, climbing to 3,474 in 1980. In the decades since, the population has continued to increase at a very brisk pace.

Roofing Services in Cedar Park

Cedar Park has a mixture of businesses in the biotech, oil exploration, manufacturing, health care, software and retail industries. On any given day, Alpha Roofing could be providing services to a restaurant, apartment complex, single-family home, office building, hotel, grocery store, school, church, hospital, manufacturing facility or shop in Cedar Park.

Residential Roofing in Cedar Park, TX often includes inspecting roofs for storm damage, repairing chimneys, installing siding, repairing roofs, or installing new asphalt shingles.
Commercial Roofing In Cedar Park, TX usually includes metal fabrication and flat or low-slope roof replacements.
Roof Repair In Cedar, Park, TX are necessary to avoid additional damage caused by a roof leak as well as to prevent a leak from developing after a roof incurs damage.
Metal Roof Installation In Cedar Park, TX can be tricky, so always choose a contractor with the specialized experience and tools to complete the job properly.
Maintenance Roofing Plans In Cedar Park, TX are an uncomplicated way to make sure that your roof gets the care that it needs to have a long, trouble-free life.

Alpha Roofing is a residential and commercial roofing contractor that serves the Cedar Park, TX area.  We are a preeminent company with award-winning service, an illustrious reputation and impeccable references. We offer flat roof replacements, metal roof installations, asphalt shingle replacements, roof repairs, siding installation, chimney repairs, maintenance plans, roof inspections, metal fabrication and many other services. We are committed to delivering work that is of the highest quality at affordable rates. If you want to receive a free quote, you can either fill out the online form or call 512-777-1086.