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Athens, TX

Athens, TX, roofer Athens, TXAthenians are well-acquainted with the toll that the weather can take on the roofs covering their commercial buildings and homes. Between the occasional hailstorm, thunderstorms that can sometimes produce heavy rainfalls and hot, humid summers, their roofs can take quite a beating. When they need a reliable roofing contractor, many people in Athens, TX count on Alpha Roofing for roof repairs, new asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, flat roof replacements, new siding, metal fabrication, new gutters, roof inspections, maintenance programs, chimney repairs and skylight installations.

Athens, TX | The History

Soon after Texas was admitted to the United States, Henderson County was created. The county’s first seat was Buffalo, which was founded in 1847. In 1848, the town of Centreville — now a ghost town — was chosen as the new county seat. However, when the county’s boundaries were redrawn in 1850, both of these towns lay outside of the new boundaries. A new county seat was needed, so a local settler donated the land to establish a new town to fill the vacancy. The town was named Athens.

By 1855, Athens had a hotel, a general store and a church. The following year, the town was incorporated, and in 1874, a city marshal and a mayor were elected. However, the city fathers did not accomplish much; weeds grew wild in the courthouse square, the few houses in town went unpainted and Athens had no sidewalks or improved streets. The economy was almost exclusively based on farming, with settlers growing cotton, black-eyed peas, corn, tomatoes and other crops.

Despite gaining a cotton gin, a brick plant, a cottonseed oil mill, a bank, a newspaper and a pottery, Athens grew slowly until 1900. Although the Cotton Belt had reached Athens in 1880, the railroad that would have the most impact on the town was the Texas and New Orleans that arrived in 1900.

Athens underwent a second incorporation in 1901. The city officials elected after the second incorporation began to work on many issues that had been previously neglected, including the building of roads. Athens got its first telephone company in 1901, the town square was improved and the population grew to more than 1,500 in 1900 from less than 250 in 1860.

Until the Great Depression, cotton was the area’s primary agricultural crop. After cotton prices tumbled in the 1930s, however, farmers began to grow more vegetables or turned to livestock production. Although a limited amount of oil was produced in the area during the 1940s, the oil and gas industry has never been a major part of the town’s economy.

Today, Athens is home to approximately 12,800 people and numerous businesses. Many visitors are drawn to the recreational opportunities available at Lake Athens or come to attend special events such as the Old Fiddlers Reunion.

Roofing Services in Athens

Various industries are represented in Athens, including the financial, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, recreational, agricultural and entertainment industries. Alpha Roofing provides services to homeowners and clients in virtually all industries, including apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, churches, restaurants, motels and hotels, health care providers, entertainment venues and retailers. Some of our most popular services in Athens are shown below.

Residential Roofing In Athens, TX includes roof repairs and damage inspections following a hailstorm or other instance of severe weather. We also install gutters, repair chimneys and install siding.
Commercial Roofing In Athens, TX often involves the replacement of a built-up roofing system on a flat or low-slope roof. However, metal fabrication services to craft custom roof accessories, panels or trim are also requested.
Roof Repair In Athens, TX are typically requested when a leak is discovered. A damaged roof that will probably start leaking soon may also justify an emergency repair.
Metal Roof Installations In Athens, TX should be left to qualified contractors. Otherwise, the roof may be less attractive, develop leaks or fail to achieve its expected life.
Roofing Maintenance Plans In Athens, TX help keep the costs of preventive maintenance under control while ensuring that the roof receives the care needed to reach its full life expectancy.

Alpha Roofing is a residential and commercial roofer and we serve property owners in Athens, TX with an extensive range of services. We can replace flat roofs and asphalt shingles; install metal roofs, flashing, siding, and gutters; provide roof inspections, emergency roof repairs, maintenance plans, metal fabrication and chimney repairs; and remove moss and debris. We are a well-respected, experienced company known for high-quality work at competitive rates. For a free quote, call (512) 777-1086 or send in the online form.