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Salado, TX

Salado, TX, roofer in Salado TXA picturesque village in Bell County, Salado, TX is situated near Interstate 35 between Austin and Waco. At Alpha Roofing, we welcome the opportunity to visit Salado and provide our services to local homeowners and business owners. We offer a variety of services, including the installation of commercial roofs, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, siding and skylights as well as roof and chimney repairs, damage inspections, metal fabrication and maintenance plans.

Salado, TX | The History

Little in Salado’s history can be considered customary for a frontier town in Texas. Early pioneers arrived in 1834, but they abandoned the area about two years later. The first permanent settler, Archibald Willingham, arrived in 1850, and in 1852, a post office was established even though the town had never been laid out. The town was founded out of a desire to support learning and the arts rather than to pursue economic growth. In 1859, a local landowner donated land to a corporation for the sole purpose of selling stock and using the proceeds to found a college as well as a town. Salado College opened in 1860 and operated until 1885.

Salado prospered as a center for education, agriculture and trade. The cattle drives following the Chisholm Trail began passing through the area in 1866 and continued to boost Salado’s economy until 1885. In 1867, Salado decided to incorporate for the sole purpose of building a bridge to span Salado Creek. By 1884, Salado had 14 stores, three cotton gins, seven churches, two hotels and 900 people. However, the railroads bypassed the town, the cattle drives ended and the population of Salado dwindled. By 1914, only 400 people remained, and by 1950, there were only about 200 people still living in Salado.

Today, the population of Salado is more than 2,100, but during special events — such as a historical homes tour, a Christmas bazaar and an art fair — visitors arrive by the thousands. The town has been revitalized by the arrival of new businesses, including antique stores, upscale boutiques and arts and crafts stores, and during the 1980s, the town became known for the seminars and lectures sponsored by the Institute for the Humanities at Salado and featured on the Public Broadcasting System that brought well-known artists and scientists to the town.

Roofing Services in Salado

Residents and visitors have no shortage of things to do in Salado. Small specialty shops abound, restaurants run the gamut from barbeque to pizza, lodging can be found in historic homes or modern hotels, recreational activities are plentiful and there are several places to enjoy a craft beer, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or live music. Alpha Roofing provides quality services to all of these special businesses as well as local homeowners.

Residential Roofing Salado, TX: Popular residential services include the inspection of roofs for storm damage, roof repairs, siding installation, chimney repairs, and asphalt shingle installation.
Commercial Roofing Salado, TX: Metal fabrication is frequently requested by property owners in Salado who need custom trims or accessories for their roofs. Flat roof replacement is also a common need in Salado.
Roof Repair Salado, TX: An emergency roof repair can prevent damage to a building’s furnishings, roof decking, wall studs, floors or rafters.
Metal Roof Installation Salado, TX: Metal roofs continue to grow in popularity among residential and commercial property owners.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Salado, TX: Professional maintenance can increase the life of a roof and decrease the potential need for costly repairs. Maintenance plans offer an economical way to secure the preventive maintenance needed for a healthy roof.

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor servicing Salado, TX. We are widely known for our reliability, workmanship and professionalism. Our services include chimney repairs, roof repairs, flashing repairs, siding installation, commercial roof replacements, the installation of asphalt shingles, roof inspections, metal roofing systems, metal fabrication, moss and debris removal, maintenance plans, and skylight installation. If you need exemplary results at competitive rates, call us at 512-777-1086 to request a free quote or submit the online form.