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Manor, TX

Manor, TX, roofer manor txWhen the population of a town increases by more than 318 percent during a single decade — as Manor did between 2000 and 2010 — it is a sign that people are highly attracted to the town. In 2000, Manor, TX was a sleepy little town with approximately 1,200 people, but by 2010, over 5,000 people called it home. The 2016 estimate placed the population at over 8,400, proof that the town is continuing to grow at a brisk pace. New arrivals as well as long-time residents know that they can count on Alpha Roofing when they need the asphalt shingles replaced on their homes, new built-up roofs for their commercial buildings, their roofs repaired, metal roofs installed, roof maintenance programs, new siding, metal fabrication or new gutters.

Manor, TX | The History

European settlers began arriving in the vicinity of what is now the town of Manor as early as the 1850s. One of these early settlers was James Manor. He built his home on Gilleland Creek, and when a post office was established in his home in 1859, he became the postmaster of what was then called Grassdale. In 1871, the Houston and Texas Central Railway was building a link to Austin, so Manor donated land for a right-of-way. The next year, the town of Manor was platted and named.

Throughout most of the 20th century, Manor endured numerous challenges. Two fires devastated the business district, the boll weevil hurt cotton production and the area faced economic hardships during the Great Depression. The population remained below 1,000 until 1980, and growth was slow for the remainder of the century.

Manor’s amazing growth during the 21st century can be attributed to a variety of factors. The town is only 12 miles from the still-expanding capital city of Austin and lies on U.S. 290, a major highway connecting Houston to many towns in Central Texas. Manor is also located at an interchange of a toll road, SH130. Land is affordable, and the city has streamlined processes to encourage new development. All of these factors indicate that Manor will continue to grow during the coming decades.

Roofing Services in Manor

Manor’s explosive growth has brought businesses in a variety of industries, including the manufacturing, health care, retail and hospitality industries. Alpha Roofing provides services for homeowners, apartment complexes, restaurants, warehouses, convenience stores, office parks and many other properties in Manor.

Residential Roofing Manor, TX: Asphalt shingles are a popular choice for single-family homes in Manor, and Alpha Roofing has extensive experience in the installation and repair of these roofs. We also offer roof inspections to determine the extent of damage caused by hail or wind. In addition, we install gutters, attic insulation and siding.
Commercial Roofing Manor, TX: Flat roofs are common on commercial buildings in Manor. Alpha Roofing can replace your flat roof with a built-up system. Should you need custom metal panels or roof accessories, we can fabricate them in our own shop.
Roof Repair Manor, TX: When a roof is leaking, it is critical to immediately stop the flow of water into the building’s interior spaces or hidden areas. Water that reaches wall supports, rafters, floor joists and furnishings can cause extensive damage as well as provide a breeding ground for toxic mold. A roof that could soon start to leak may also need to be handled as an emergency.
Metal Roof Installation Manor, TX: Metal roofs have seen a dramatic upswing in popularity over the last few decades. Whether a metal roof is to be installed on a home or business, it is important to select a contractor with the proper experience to ensure the appearance and longevity of the roof.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Manor, TX: Any roof can benefit from a professional maintenance plan. These plans provide scheduled routine maintenance, including periodic inspections and debris removal, to identify issues that could affect the health of the roof.

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor servicing Manor, TX.  We provide all of the services listed above as well as chimney repair, flashing installation, moss removal and skylight installation. We have outstanding references and an exemplary reputation. We are famous for the quality of our work and our dedication to customer service. If you need a quote for roofing services in Manor, submit the online form or call our office at (512) 777-1086.