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Pflugerville, TX

Pflugerville, TX, roofer Pflugerville, TXPflugerville’s location approximately 15 miles from Austin has been a crucial factor in the town’s remarkable growth. As Austin grew, so did Pflugerville; the population of Pflugerville increased from less than 4,450 people in 1990 to an estimated 59,245 in 2016. Whether they own a home or operate a business in Pflugerville, TX people know that they can trust Alpha Roofing for their new commercial roofs, replacement shingles, new metal roofing systems, roof repairs, inspections for wind and hail damage, new gutters, preventive maintenance plans, new siding, metal fabrication, chimney repairs and other roofing-related needs.

Pflugerville, TX | The History

The town is named in honor of Henry Pfluger, one of the first European settlers in the area. Pfluger and his family arrived in 1849, first purchasing a farm about two miles from Austin before exchanging it for 960 acres near what would become Pflugerville. In 1860, William Bohls established a home-based store and post office and gave the town its name. During the 1890s, Louis Bohls would build a post office and general store in town.

Throughout the 19th century, Pflugerville’s growth was modest. However, when the railroad finally made it to Pflugerville in 1904, the town enjoyed rapid growth. One of Henry Pfluger’s sons built two gins and an ice factory between 1903 and 1913, and another son platted the town site of Pflugerville in 1904. Other businesses, including a bank, a blacksmith shop, a theater and a newspaper were established by 1913. Within a decade of the railroad’s arrival, the population of Pflugerville had doubled and reached 500.

Unfortunately, the growth spurt was not to last. During the Depression, many of the town’s residents relocated to larger cities in search of work. Unlike some communities, Pflugerville did not rebound during the 1940s, and by 1949, the population of Pflugerville fell to just 380 people.

Pflugerville was formally incorporated in 1965, which marked the start of its resurgence. By 1970, the population rose to 549, and almost 200 more residents were added by 1980. Pflugerville, like most other towns near Austin, owes much of its growth to Austin’s rapid expansion.

Roofing Services in Pflugerville

The explosive growth of Pflugerville attracted businesses in a variety of industries, and the town also experienced a boom in housing construction. At Alpha Roofing, our customers include grocery stores, apartment complexes, churches, schools, retail shops, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, health care facilities and warehouses as well as the owners of single-family dwellings. We are often asked to provide the following services to customers in Pflugerville.

Residential Roofing Pflugerville, TX: Asphalt shingles are a popular choice for residential roofs in Pflugerville, so we are often asked to replace existing shingles. We frequently provide roof repairs as well as damage inspections after a high wind or hail event. In addition, we are often asked to install new siding or gutters.
Commercial Roofing Pflugerville, TX: We are frequently chosen to replace a flat or low-slope roof with a modified bitumen system. Another popular commercial service is the fabrication of custom metal accessories, including trims and vents.
Roof Repair Pflugerville, TX: Most people know that when a roof springs a leak, it is important to fix the problem immediately. However, if a leak is looming just around the corner, it is often wise to seek an emergency repair.
Metal Roof Installation Pflugerville, TX: Metal roofs can be a great choice for homes as well as commercial properties. Because these roofing systems require specialized tools and training, it is important to choose a qualified contractor for metal roof installations.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Pflugerville, TX: It is often far too easy to forget about the routine maintenance of your roof. Maintenance plans can help ensure that the preventive maintenance is performed as needed and at an economical cost.

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