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Belton, TX

Belton, TX, roofer belton tx Throughout its history, Belton has proven its ability to adapt to change, and although the changes have been numerous, Belton has retained its small-town atmosphere without ignoring the demands of the future. As of 2016, the population was estimated at almost 21,000 people, and the influx of new residents has also attracted new businesses. At Alpha Roofing, we provide services to virtually every industry in Belton, TX. Our services include commercial roof replacement, roof repairs, asphalt shingle installations, chimney repairs, metal roof installations, maintenance programs and the installation of gutters, siding and skylights.

Belton, TX | The History

Belton began as a small settlement called Nolan Springs that was established around 1850. The name was quickly changed to Nolanville, which became the seat of Bell County. In December 1851, the name was changed to Belton. By 1860, Belton had a population of approximately 300, a courthouse on the square and weekly stagecoach service. The decade also saw the founding of the oldest weekly newspaper in the state to have been continuously published and the establishment of the first bank in town, which led to Belton’s prominence as a regional banking center.

Like many other towns in Central Texas, Belton was anxious for the railroad to be routed through their town. The city fathers campaigned aggressively, but the Santa Fe railroad opted to promote the site of Temple, undermining Belton’s status and leading to the loss of several businesses that chose to move from Belton to Temple. However, when the Missouri, Kansas and Texas arrived in Belton in 1882, Belton again began to grow. By 1890, Belton residents enjoyed a public water system, electricity, daily stagecoach service, 13 grocery stores, daily mail service, three newspapers, two hotels, three banks and an opera house.

Much of Belton’s growth had been driven by its importance as a cotton center. Several cotton gins, a cottonseed oil mill and a yarn factory were some of Belton’s cotton-related businesses. When cotton prices fell dramatically and the Great Depression arrived, many of Belton’s businesses closed. Between 1928 and 1931, more than 2,000 people left Belton. The population, which had been almost 5,100 in 1920, dropped to approximately 3,000 by 1940. Belton’s population and its economy began to recover after Fort Hood was established during the 1940s. By 1950, the population had reached almost 6,300, and by 1980, it exceeded 10,000 for the first time in Belton’s history. The town continues to grow steadily.

Roofing Services in Belton

Belton’s proximity to Dallas, Austin and other major markets, its easy access to interstates 14 and 35 and its support for both existing and new businesses have attracted many new residents and companies. Alpha Roofing serves homeowners as well as commercial properties, including apartment complexes, warehouses, industrial facilities, retailers, schools, religious institutions and office complexes. Although we deliver an extensive list of services, the services that are requested in Belton the most frequently are listed below.

Residential Roofing Belton, TX: Roof repairs and the replacement of asphalt shingles are two commonly requested services. After a severe weather event, we are often asked to conduct a rooftop inspection to assess the damage caused by hail or high wind. We also install gutters and siding.
Commercial Roofing Belton, TX: In Belton, the commercial roofing service we are asked to perform the most often is the replacement of a flat roof. However, we are also frequently asked to fabricate metal gutters, custom panels or roof accessories in our fabrication facility.
Roof Repair Belton, TX: Water leaking through a roof should always be dealt with as an emergency. If neglected, the leak can lead to costly structural repairs, destroy furnishings and allow mold to thrive. Whether the roof is already leaking or is likely to start leaking very soon, an emergency roof repair is needed.
Metal Roof Installation Belton, TX: Modern metal roofs are very attractive and long-lived. However, they must be installed properly, which means that they require a contractor with the right equipment, skills and experience.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Belton, TX: A maintenance program can be an economical way to take the worry out of ensuring that your roof receives the preventive maintenance it needs. You will have a better idea of how to budget for the inevitable repair or replacement.

Alpha Roofing is a respected, award-winning roofing and commercial roofing contractor serving Belton, TX and most other locations in Central Texas. Our services include roof repairs and inspections, asphalt shingle installations, flat roof replacements, flashing repairs, metal roof installations, hail and wind inspections, maintenance programs and metal fabrication. We also install siding, skylights, gutters and attic insulation. If you need exceptional craftsmanship at reasonable prices, contact us for a free quote by filling out the online form or calling (512) 777-1086.