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About Alpha Roofing Industries LLC

Backed by outstanding ownership and financially stable, Alpha Roofing is positioned to be the leader in the industry for years to come. Our dedication and commitment to exceeding customer expectations and earning the trust of the community we serve is unmatched. Alpha Roofing has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has been recognized for our award-winning customer service as well as award-winning damage recognition for wind and hail casualties.

Alpha Roofing Installation Crews

Our crews are dedicated and unique to Alpha Roofing. They are professional installers who only install roofs for our company, and they are respectful of your property before, during and after an installation. More than 25 percent of the roofs that we install are independently inspected by either insurance companies or city inspectors to verify quality and functionality. Our crews have excelled and have earned an outstanding rating in the industry. You can be assured that your roof will be installed by our very own accredited crew, not subbed out to the lowest bidder.

Alpha Roofing Staff

Our award-winning managers and service writers are also unique to Alpha Roofing. We guarantee that anyone who steps foot on your property has been hired by us to do so only after an intensive screening process.

Our production team is efficient and professional, and they are always on site during a project in order to be able to keep the lines of communication open at all times. This allows homeowners to better understand the process and ease any anxiety or worries that a major construction project can sometimes bring.

Our service writers are knowledgeable and will inform you of all your options. They will customize your estimate and scope of work to what your immediate needs are and explain all alternatives so that you can make an informed and value-based decision.