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Moss and Debris Removal Austin TXAlthough considered by many to affect only appearance, debris and moss on a roof can pose a serious risk to the structure’s interior as well as the integrity of the roofing system. Debris, such as leaves, twigs, trash or needles, can clog gutters and cause them to overflow. The overflowing water can penetrate to the underlayment or even the roof deck, where it will quickly find its way to the interior. It can also flow down the exterior walls, providing an excellent environment for the growth of mildew and moss as well as causing damage to the building’s foundation. The Alpha Roofing Industries team are roof moss and debris removal experts serving the Austin area and beyond!

Why Moss and Debris Removal Is Important

Moss can be especially damaging to a roof. It is a living plant, and although roof moss does not have deep or highly developed root systems, the tiny anchoring roots are a perfect size to penetrate the pores in roofing materials. This can cause cracking, which allows moisture to penetrate beneath the top layer of a roof system. Moss can cause the water flowing off a roof to back up and even flow “uphill” underneath the shingles or roofing tiles, resulting in leaks.

Rooftop debris and moss provide a suitable location for moisture to accumulate. The dampness alone can degrade the integrity of the roofing materials, but when subjected to freezing temperatures, the expanding water can cause even more severe damage.

Remove Roof Moss and Debris to Avoid Costly Repairs

Moss and Debris removal should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid potentially costly repairs. A regular inspection by a roofing professional is the best protection available. Although the property owner can conduct his own inspections, there are several advantages to hiring a professional. First, roofers have the proper equipment to access the roof safely. They also know how to move about a roof without causing additional damage. Lastly, there are products that are unavailable to non-professionals or that are difficult for them to use safely, such as some of the more effective chemicals used to kill moss and debris removal.

At Alpha Roofing Industries, we have seen for ourselves the damages that have been caused to the roofs of both residential and commercial properties by moss and debris. Often, the owners could have avoided costly repairs or interior damages through routine maintenance. Not every property owner, however, has the time or physical ability to conduct roof inspections, remove moss or clear debris, so calling on a roofing professional is the best solution.

Let’s Get Started!

Alpha Roofing Industries offers moss and debris removal, roof inspections, repairs and roofing system installations for commercial and residential property owners in Austin and throughout Central Texas. We are experts in all types of roofing systems, including metal roofs and asphalt shingles. Our crews have experience with architecturally complex roofs as well as flat and low-slope roofs. For more information, ask for a free quotation or call us at (512) 777-1086.

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