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Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair Austin TXA leaking roof can quickly ruin your home’s furnishings, such as your carpeting and furniture, but it can also cause severe damage to structural elements, such as your roof’s deck, wall supports and subfloor. Leaks can be result from a variety of causes, but no matter why your roof is leaking, it is critical to address the situation as quickly as possible. Therefore, any condition that currently allows, or has the potential to allow, water to penetrate beneath your shingles should be treated as an emergency.

Inclement weather is the most common cause of roof damage and the need for emergency roof repair.

High winds can strip shingles from the roof, leaving behind damaged underlayment that will do little to protect the deck or prevent leaks. Pounding hail can remove the granules that are the shingles’ primary defense against water, and large hail stones can actually crack some types of asphalt shingles under certain conditions.

However, roofing emergencies, and emergency roof repair, are not always the result of a fast, violent storm. Sometimes, long, slow processes can damage a roof. For example, tree limbs that are allowed to scrape against asphalt shingles for an extended period can remove granules, or gutters that become clogged with leaves can overflow and deposit moisture-trapping piles of debris on the roof. In addition, a roof often deteriorates at a faster rate as it nears the end of its expected life, so a 20-year roof, for example, may show little sign of wear for its first 15 or 18 years. This can lead to a false sense of security regarding how much longer the roof will last.

It can be difficult for a non-professional to determine the precise location of a leak. Many times, the interior evidence of a leak does not correspond to the exterior source; water can follow a convoluted path between the two points. If your roof is leaking, you should immediately call a reputable roofing contractor for emergency roof repair to make an inspection and repair your roof before more damage is done.

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