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Job Site Cleanup & Removal

Job Site Cleanup & Removal Austin TXWhether repairing or replacing a roof, the job can be messy. Asphalt shingles tend to drop granules when they are disturbed, underlayment often comes off in tatters and there are also the old nails to consider. New products must be unwrapped and trimmed to fit.

What Job Site Cleanup & Removal means is that no roofing job is ever complete until the customer’s site is as clean as it was before the job started and all debris has been removed.

When new shingles are needed, it is always a good idea to remove the old shingles. This allows the roofer to inspect the roof deck and make any repairs needed. It also gives a smooth base for installing the new shingles. Reputable roofing contractors make sure that they have tarps or dumpsters at the customer’s site to hold the debris generated by the removal of the old shingles. Trimmings and wrappers are also picked up and placed in the dumpster.

Repairs do not normally generate as much debris as re-roofs. However, there will still be product wrappers, old flashing or shingles, trimmings and similar debris. The roofer may need to clear leaves or trash from the rooftop to make the repair. Regardless of the type of debris, professional roofers make sure that it is cleaned up and removed from the customer’s site before pronouncing the job complete.

Once the contractor is satisfied that the job has been completed correctly and all litter has been removed, the best roofers will take an additional step. They will use a metal detector or high-power magnet to sweep the area for stray bits of metal or nails that might have fallen. Such debris could cause injuries if someone were to step on it, and there is also the possibility that the lawn mower could propel it through the air and cause an injury.

The crews at Alpha Roofing are committed to providing our customers with the best work possible. As part of their commitment to excellence, they make sure that they leave a worksite in a condition that is at least as good as they found it. We offer a full range of residential roofing and commercial roofing services to customers throughout Central Texas. Whether you need gutters installed, emergency roof repairs, siding, attic insulation or chimney repair, you can count on Alpha Roofing. If you would like a free quote, you can send us your information using our online form, or you can call us at (512) 777-1086.