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Referral Program

IMG_5279The Alpha Roofing Referral Program was created to reward our customers, friends, business associates, and employees for referring someone to use Alpha Roofing’s services. Whether it’s your friend, family member, church member, business contact, or co-worker that needs help with their roof and whether they need work done on a house, business, apartment, or church, they will all be very grateful that you referred them to a great company like Alpha Roofing.

There are 2 ways you can participate:
(1) Ask your FRIEND (the person you are referring) to contact us via phone, email, or web-form. They must clearly specify they have been referred by you
(2) If you have a FRIEND that has expressed that they need work done on their roof, give us their contact info and we’ll give them a call.

After that initial step, here’s what happens:
(1) We’ll call your FRIEND and arrange an estimator to meet and look at the project
(2) A proposal will be sent within 1~2 days which your FRIEND can sign to and return to accept
(3) We schedule the work and our professional crews come to complete it
(4) After the project is done and payment is received, a Referral Commission will be mailed to you.

The Referral Commission paid to you will be a very generous 2% of the entire job total. That means on a $10,000 residential roof, you could earn $200! On a $100,000 apartment roof project, you could earn $2,000! As you can see, there is incredible potential for you to earn money by referring your Friends!

For large commercial projects or repeat future business from your referral, these guidelines apply:
(1) 2% for the first $100,000 of business (cumulative per customer) and 1% thereafter
(2) A cap of $2 million of total work completed (per customer)

Terms & Conditions
– Work must be completed and full payment received prior to your commission being paid
– Referred FRIEND cannot be an existing customer of Alpha Roofing or have received proposal from us in the past
– We reserve the right to alter or cancel this program at any time
– Some employees of Alpha Roofing may not be able to participate in this program

Download Our Referral Program Brochure

Are you ready to refer a FRIEND to Alpha Roofing Industries, LLC and earn 2% of the job total? It’s that easy! Call us today at 512-777-1086!