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Roof Repair

Roof Repair Austin TxWhether it is over your home or your place of business, your roof plays a critical role in protecting you and your belongings from the weather. You might find a puddle of water, but water stains on the drywall, mildew on the ceiling or water inside a fluorescent light fixture are more common signs of a leaking roof.

Because a modern roof typically does its job remarkably well, it is easy to forget that it may be in need of roof repair — until you notice a leak.

Many people believe that hail, high winds and aging are the most common reasons for a roof to leak. Property owners sometimes damage their own roofs by using the wrong nails to attach holiday decorations or by walking on the roof during extremely cold or very hot weather. These are all reasons for a roof to fail, but the most common reason is that a roof installation or roof repair was improperly performed. Perhaps the flashing around the chimney was installed incorrectly or shingles were not overlapped to cover nails.

It is therefore easy to see the importance of hiring only qualified contractors to perform work on your roof. However, it is important to understand that not all roofing contractors have the same level of experience and training. It is also important to understand that there are a great many different types of roofing available, and not every contractor has experience with every type. For example, a contractor might excel at installing shingles on new homes, but he might have no experience repairing a leaking skylight. The contractor might have experience with residential roof repairs, but he might have never repaired a modified bitumen roof on a commercial building. Conversely, he might have focused his career on repairing commercial roofs without ever having dealt with shingles lost from a single-family home.

Water can penetrate a roof through a number of different paths. If roof repair is to be performed correctly the first time, the contractor must have expertise with all of the different components that comprise your specific roof. Without the right training and experience, repair efforts often fail to correct the issue because the source of the leak was not identified. This can cost you money, but it also presents the potential for more extensive damage to be done to your structure and its contents.

If a roof is leaking, the problem needs to be identified for roof repair and corrected immediately. Naturally, the better plan is a regular schedule of inspections to correct issues before the first drop of water has a chance to penetrate.

At Alpha Roofing, our team members are highly trained and experienced roofer professionals in the Austin, TX area. We work closely with leading manufacturers of roofing materials and use only quality products on all of our jobs. We also stay current on all of the latest techniques, including roof repair, and products to ensure that our skills and knowledge are up to date.

When you call Alpha Roofing for your roof repair, you can be assured that the work will be done correctly. Our business is built on providing reliable work at competitive prices to customers throughout the Austin area. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the work we do.

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