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Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX, roofer arlington, tx Although many cities in Texas have experienced explosive growths in population, perhaps no town can claim a faster expansion than Arlington. In 1950, Arlington had fewer than 7,700 residents, but within 10 years, the population had increased to 44,775 before more than doubling to more than 90,600 by 1970. By 2010, the population exceeded 365,400 people, and it is continuing to grow. The population boom also brought a construction boom; new residences were needed as well as new businesses to cater to the needs of residents and tourists. Today, when people in Arlington, TX need roof repairs, flat roof replacements, metal roofs installed, asphalt shingles replaced, new siding or other roofing-relating services, they often turn to the professionals at Alpha Roofing for assistance.

Arlington, TX | The History

A few European settlers had already arrived in the area by the time that a trading post was built in 1841. Attracted by the rich soil and abundant water, the first settlers were primarily farmers. However, the area remained sparsely populated until the railroad founded the town of Arlington in 1876. By 1880, Arlington had 163 residents and an economy that revolved primarily around farming and cotton-ginning. By 1910, the city’s population was almost 1,800, and residents had a full range of utility services, including telephone, natural gas, water and electricity.

Arlington began to grow rapidly after a General Motors plant was built in 1954, reaching a population of 44.775 in 1960. In 1961, the first Six Flags theme park was built in Arlington, boosting tourism and encouraging the construction of many new hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and shopping centers.

The city is also the home of the University of Texas at Arlington, currently the fourth-largest university in Texas. Founded as Arlington College in 1895, the school became the Carlisle Military Academy in 1902. The school underwent a variety of name and format changes until becoming a part of the UT system in 1965. Today, UTA covers 420 acres, has approximately 42,000 students and is a well-known research university. The university remains an integral part of Arlington’s economic base.

Roofing Services in Arlington

Arlington’s proximity to both Dallas and Fort Worth has helped attract residents as well as businesses operating in a diverse range of industries. Alpha Roofing offers our services to manufacturing plants, health care facilities, warehouses, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, restaurants, retailers, educational facilities, religious institutions, museums, office complexes and homeowners in Arlington. Some of the commonly requested services are shown on the following list.

Residential Roofing Arlington, TX: Whether you need roof repairs, chimney repairs or an inspection to ascertain the extent of hail and wind damage, Alpha Roofing can help. We also install gutters and siding, and we offer many additional residential services.
Commercial Roofing Arlington, TX: We have experienced, skilled installers should you need your flat roof replaced. We also operate a metal fabrication shop that can produce your custom trim and roof accessories.
• Emergency Roof Repair: If your roof is leaking or is in immediate danger or beginning to leak, time is of the essence. We offer emergency roof repairs to help you protect your building’s contents and lessen the likelihood of structural damage.
Metal Roof Installation Arlington, TX: A metal roof installation is not a job that novices should undertake. When installed correctly, a metal roof can provide decades of attractive, low-maintenance service. When installed improperly, the roof can fail quickly. We have the tools, training, experience and equipment to install your metal roof properly.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Arlington, TX: Routine maintenance is critical to achieving the maximum life possible for your roof. Maintenance plans that include periodic inspections and correct minor issues early can save you money and increase your peace of mind.

Alpha Roofing offers a full range of roofing services to commercial and residential property owners in Arlington, TX. We can install attic insulation, skylights, flashing, metal roofs, asphalt shingles, modified bitumen systems, gutters and siding, and we can repair chimneys, flashing and roofs. In addition, we have our own metal fabrication facility, remove moss and debris and offer maintenance plans. Our crews are highly skilled, well-trained professionals with a commitment to quality workmanship. You can submit our handy online form or call (512) 777-1086 to request your free quote.