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Lakeway, TX

Lakeway, TX, roofer lakeway tx From the beginning, Lakeway was intended to provide residents and visitors with a comfortable, low-stress refuge. Despite significant growth, Lakeway has retained its resort atmosphere and village charm. When property owners in Lakeway, TX need roofing services for their homes and businesses, they frequently turn to Alpha Roofing. We provide flat roof replacements, metal roof installations, roof repairs, metal fabrication, preventive maintenance programs, siding installations, weather-related damage inspections, asphalt shingle installations and various other services.

Lakeway, TX | The History

Unlike many towns in Central Texas, Lakeway did not begin as a railroad town or a community of pioneers. Instead, Lakeway was built in the 1960s on the shores of Lake Travis, the reservoir formed when Mansfield Dam was constructed in 1942. The site was originally a ranch that was owned by Jack Josey, a rancher and oilman from Houston.

The first building constructed was a resort called the Lakeway Inn and Marina, which opened in July 1963. Lot sales had commenced two months earlier. By 1971, 300 homes had been built in Lakeway. Property holders voted to incorporate in 1974, and the 1,200-acre town of Lakeway was officially formed.

In 1980, Lakeway had fewer than 800 residents, but by 1990, the population had increased by more than 400 percent to 4,044 people. By 2000, the population had almost doubled, and by 2010, almost 11,400 people made their homes in Lakeway. The population was estimated at 14,641 in 2016.

Roofing Services in Lakeway

Visitors and residents enjoy many amenities that are often unavailable in similarly sized towns. There are numerous restaurants, grocery stores, eclectic boutiques, hotels, shopping centers, dentists, medical clinics and recreational venues located within the city limits. Alpha Roofing offers its services to all of these businesses as well as to local homeowners.

Residential Roofing Lakeway, TX: Lakeway residents can enjoy the beauty of nature, but some natural events can damage roofs. When high winds or hailstorms strike, Lakeway residents often ask us to inspect their roofs for damage. We also repair roofs, install new siding, and repair chimneys.
Commercial Roofing Lakeway, TX: Commercial buildings in Lakeway tend to have low-slope roofs, so we are frequently asked to perform flat roof replacements. We also offer a metal fabrication service to craft custom accessories, including trims.
• Roof Repair Lakeway, TX: There is no time to waste once a roof starts leaking. Water penetration can cause substantial damage to the decking, rafters, drywall, flooring and furnishings. An emergency repair may also be necessary if a roof is likely to spring a leak the next time rain falls.
Metal Roof Installation Lakeway, TX: Metal roofing systems can be an excellent way to obtain a roof that can last for many decades. The new styles of metal roofs make it easy to find one that suits the building’s architecture. Professional, meticulous installation is required, however, to ensure that the roof looks great and delivers a trouble-free, long-lasting life.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Lakeway, TX: Preventive maintenance plans bundle a variety of essential services into an affordable package. Typical services include periodic inspections, the removal of tree limbs that pose a threat to the roof’s integrity and a limited number of repairs.

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor servicing Lakeway, TX. We are a well-respected, award-winning, professional company serving customers in Lakeway. Our services include commercial roof replacements, metal roof installations, asphalt shingle installations, roof repairs, siding installations, metal fabrication,  moss and debris removal, maintenance plans, flashing repairs and installations, chimney repairs, skylight installations and attic insulation. To obtain a free quote, submit the online form or call 512-777-1086.