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Austin, TX

Austin, TX, roofer in austin, txAlmost as soon as Austin became the capital of Texas, the city began to grow. However, in recent years, the growth has been so explosive that Austin is now the nation’s fastest-growing city. With an influx of new businesses and a population that continues to increase significantly every decade, Austin is attracting a growing number of companies in the high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and defense industries. However, Austin, TX is also home to a thriving arts scene, numerous small businesses, an active nightlife scene and abundant recreational opportunities. Austin’s booming economy means that Alpha Roofing is frequently asked to provide a variety of services, including flat roof replacements, asphalt shingle installation, metal roofing systems, roof repairs, siding, and damage inspections.

Austin, TX | An Interesting History

Archaeological evidence shows that the first human inhabitants in the area arrived more than 11,000 years ago. These early inhabitants are believed to have belonged to the Clovis culture. By the time that the Spanish arrived, the area was home to the Tonkawa, Lipan Apache and Comanche tribes. Although the Spanish conducted several exploratory expeditions, they established few permanent settlements in the Hill Country.

After Texas became an independent nation, more settlers arrived. The growth in population was boosted when the decision was made in 1839 to move the new country’s capital from Houston to Austin. Between 1841 and 1845, the capital was moved to Houston and then to Washington-on-the-Brazos before returning to Austin.

Once Texas was annexed by the United States, Austin became a center for politics, higher education and agricultural trade. Unlike many other cities in Texas, the oil boom that occurred during the late 19th and early 20th centuries had relatively little impact on Austin’s economy. Therefore, the city made concerted efforts to broaden its economic base by attracting companies such as IBM, Motorola and Texas Instruments. By the 1970s, Austin had become known for its numerous music venues, its highly educated workforce and its cultural diversity. Today, Austin remains an eclectic mix of rustic charm, college-town energy, artistic creativity and technical innovation.

Common Services Requested in Austin

Alpha Roofing is an award-winning leader in the roofing industry. We offer an extensive range of services, but the following list highlights the services that are requested the most frequently in the Austin area.

Residential Roofing Austin, TX: Services include roof repair, siding installation, chimney repair, and the determination and repair of hail and wind damage
Commercial Roofing Austin, TX: Services include flat roof replacement and metal fabrication of roofing accessories
Roof Repairs Austin, TX: Includes emergency roof repair to stop existing leaks or prevent potential leaks
Metal Roof Installation Austin, TX for commercial and residential structures
Roofing Maintenance Plans to provide essential preventive maintenance services in a budget-friendly manner

Unlike some roofing contractors, we do not limit ourselves to any particular industry. We handle jobs for homeowners, large apartment complexes, churches, commercial property managers, health care providers, retailers, schools and virtually every other type of property owner or manager.

Why You Should Choose Alpha for Your Next Project

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, TX.  We are dedicated to exceeding every customer’s expectations by delivering superior work at a fair price. We have impeccable references, a reputation for professionalism and highly experienced employees. Our services include the installation of metal roofing systems, asphalt shingles, modified bitumen systems, skylights, siding; the repair of roofs, chimneys and flashing; and roof inspections and maintenance plans. You can obtain a free quote by completing the online form or calling (512) 777-1086.