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Taylor, TX

Taylor, TX, roofer taylor tx Like virtually all towns in Williamson County, Taylor’s population increased every decade during the 20th century and continues to increase in the 21st century. Much of the growth can be tied to the expansion of Austin and the area’s ability to attract new enterprises as well as businesses seeking to relocate. Alpha Roofing provides a wide variety of services to businesses and homeowners in Taylor, TX including metal roof installations, commercial roof replacements, emergency roof repairs, asphalt shingle installations, maintenance programs, metal fabrication, siding installations, chimney repairs, and roof inspections.

Taylor, TX |The History

In 1876, the International-Great Northern Railroad was expanding its tracks in Central Texas. Upon discovering the railroad’s planned route, the Texas Land Company decided to auction lots for a new town. The new settlement was called Taylorsville in honor of a railroad official named Edward Taylor, but in 1892, the name was officially shortened to Taylor.

Immigrants from Austria, Germany and several Slavic states flocked to the area and contributed substantially to the town’s growth. Taylor quickly became a shipping point for cotton, grain and cattle. By 1878, Taylor had 32 businesses and approximately 1,000 residents. Although 29 businesses were destroyed in 1879 by a fire, the town recovered rapidly. The Taylor, Bastrop and Houston Railway reached the town in 1882, and Taylor had a roundhouse and machine shops that serviced both railroads. By 1900, Taylor was home to the state’s first savings and loan, two banks, a cotton compress, several newspapers, an electric company and a fire department staffed by 100 volunteers.

Taylor’s growth and prosperity continued in the 20th century. In 1920, the population was almost 6,000, increasing to 7,463 by 1930. In 1940, Taylor had 225 businesses and nearly 7,900 residents. As agriculture became increasingly mechanized, Taylor began an active campaign to increase its economic diversity. By 1983, Taylor was home to 22 processors and manufacturers, and wheat and maize had joined cotton as important crops. By 2010, the population of Taylor exceeded 15,100 people, and the estimates for 2016 reflected an increase of 11 percent.

Roofing Services in Taylor, TX

Industries in Taylor include health care, dining, lodging, finance, entertainment, retail, manufacturing and construction. Alpha Roofing provides services to the town’s restaurants, museums, banks, music venues, hospitals and clinics, manufacturers, apartment complexes, gift shops, churches, grocery stores, motels, office buildings and other commercial enterprises. We also provide our services to local homeowners.

Residential Roofing Taylor, TX: We frequently receive requests to determine the extent of damage inflicted on a roof by hail or high winds. Repairs for chimneys and roofs are also popular requests. In addition, we install siding and skylights.
Commercial Roofing Taylor, TX:  Most requests from commercial property owners involve flat roof replacements and/or metal fabrication to produce custom roof parts or accessories.
Roof Repair Taylor, TX: Most people do not call for an emergency repair until water is already leaking into the structure’s interior. However, preventing a leak is often easier and more economical than fixing an existing leak, so if it appears that the roof is on the verge of leaking, an emergency repair may be desirable.
Metal Roof Installation Taylor, TX: An attractive, long-lasting, worry-free metal roof requires the skills of an experienced contractor. Poor installation can contribute to or cause damaged panels, leaks and an unsightly appearance.
Roofing Maintenance Plans: Preventive maintenance plans can be an excellent way to ensure that a roof receives professional attention at an economical price.d

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor servicing Taylor, TX. Our services include hail and wind inspections, chimney and roof repairs, metal roof installation, flat roof replacements, asphalt shingle installation, maintenance programs, siding, metal fabrication, flashing repair and installation, moss removal and skylight installation. Whether you need an emergency roof repair for your home or a new modified bitumen system for your commercial property, you can count on Alpha Roofing for high-quality, professional results. If you would like to receive a free quote, use the online form to send us your information or call 512-777-1086.