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Buda, TX

Buda, TX. roofer Buda tx Many real estate professionals claim that location can be a major influence on the future value of a property as well as on the future growth of a municipality. If this statement is true, then Buda’s location has certainly influenced its growth. Buda, TX is positioned along Interstate 35 just 13 miles from Austin and 60 miles from San Antonio. Like many towns near the Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas, Buda has experienced explosive population growth. From slightly more than 2,400 people in 2000, Buda’s population is currently estimated at more than 15,000 people. When the residents of Buda need quality roofing services for their homes or commercial properties, they know that they can trust Alpha Roofing to deliver exceptional roof repairs, flat roof replacements, asphalt shingle installation, maintenance plans, metal fabrication, siding installation, chimney repairs, roof inspections, and metal roofing systems.

Buda, TX | The History

During the 1840s, settlers had already begun arriving in what would become Hays County. The area had originally been part of a land grant given to Stephen von Eggleston by the Mexican government. However, no true community existed at the current site of Buda until 1881. The railroad was extending its line from Austin to San Antonio, so Cornelia Trimble not only donated the land for a new town and depot but also platted the town. An earlier community named Mountain City had been founded nearby, but as soon as the new depot was built, Mountain City’s businesses and residents began flocking to the new town.

Buda was originally named Du Pre. However, in 1887, the post office discovered the existence of another town in Texas with an identical name and requested that the name of the newer town be changed. No one is certain of the reason that the townspeople chose Buda for the town’s new name.

Until the Great Depression, Buda grew slowly but steadily. Its economy was based on supporting the ranches and dairy farms in the area. By 1929, there were approximately 600 people living in Buda, but half of the town’s population had relocated by 1933. The population did not begin to rebound until Austin began to expand during the 1980s. Buda’s population increased from 597 people in 1980 to 1,795 in 1990.

Roofing Service in Buda

As Buda grew, it became the home of numerous small businesses, many of which have grown to become medium-sized companies. The town has attracted businesses in a variety of industries, including the tourism, construction, finance, health care, lodging, specialty retail, recreation and manufacturing industries. At Alpha Roofing, we provide services to area homeowners as well as health care providers, hotels and motels, churches, retail stores, apartment complexes, schools, industrial facilities, warehouses, restaurants, office complexes and recreational facilities. Common services requested by property owners in Buda are shown below.

Residential Roofing Buda, TX: Homeowners in Buda are no strangers to severe weather, so they often ask us to inspect their roofs for hail and wind damage. Roof and chimney repairs are also frequently requested. In addition, siding installations are commonly needed in the Buda area.
Commercial Roofing Buda, TX: The most popular type of commercial service in Buda is a flat roof replacement. Alpha Roofing also operates a metal fabrication facility to manufacture custom panels, vents, trim and other accessories.
Roof Repair Buda, TX: It is important to act quickly if a roof is leaking, but it is often equally important to take immediate action if a leak seems probable. Delays can allow water to damage structural components as well as the contents of the building.
Metal Roof Installation Buda, TX: A modern metal roof can be the ideal choice for your home or business. However, you want to make sure that you hire a contractor who possesses the experience, skills and tools to install the type of metal roof that you desire.
Maintenance Plans Buda, TX: Routine maintenance can help you obtain a longer life for your roof. Professional inspections can uncover minor issues that can be handled before they result in a costly repair.

Alpha Roofing offers an extensive list of roofing services to both residential and commercial clients in Buda, TX including routine maintenance plans, emergency roof repairs, replacement shingles, metal roofing systems, flat roof replacements, siding installation, chimney repairs, damage inspections, metal fabrication and skylight installation. We have built a reputation for excellence by delivering high-quality work and professional customer service at competitive prices. To receive a free estimate, call 512-777-1086 or complete our online quote request form.