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Hutto, TX

Hutto, TX, roofer hutto, txIn recent years, Hutto has experienced substantial growth; between 2000 and 2016, the population of Hutto soared from 1,250 to an estimated 23,832 people. Part of the reason for the growth is the town’s proximity to Austin, but growth has also been fueled by Hutto’s aggressive pursuit of economic expansion. When residents and business owners in Hutto, TX need quality roofing services from a dependable company, they often ask Alpha Roofing to provide flat roof replacements, metal roof installations, asphalt shingle installations, roof repairs, roof inspections, siding installations, maintenance plans and metal fabrication.

Hutto, TX | The History

Settlers had established ranches and farms in the area of Hutto as early as the 1840s. A small community named Shiloh had emerged approximately three miles from the future site of Hutto. However, when the railroad came to the area in 1876, the decision was made to purchase land from rancher James Hutto, a native of Alabama who had arrived in Texas around 1847. The railroad used the land for a station and later a town site, assigning each the name of Hutto. Shiloh became a virtual ghost town, but Hutto thrived. By 1884, Hutto had 200 residents, five gins, a school and three churches, and by 1896, the population had increased to 700. Much of Hutto’s economy during this era revolved around cotton.

The arrival of the boll weevil in Williamson County and the Great Depression took a heavy toll on Hutto during the early 20th century. The population fell to 588 by 1930 and continued to decline, dropping to 400 by 1960. The growth of Austin and Round Rock helped the population rebound slightly, but progress was slow; in 1990, there were only 630 residents of Hutto. The population would almost double by the turn of the 21st century before skyrocketing to almost 14,700 by 2010.

Roofing Services in Hutto

Although agriculture remains an important part of Hutto’s economy, the economic base has become increasingly diversified in recent decades. The housing, lodging, manufacturing, retail, financial, medical, personal care, dining, animal care, advertising and construction industries are well-represented in Hutto. Alpha Roofing is frequently asked to provide services to homeowners as well as restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, banks, educational facilities, clinics, grocery stores, specialty retailers, churches and hotels in Hutto. Here are some of the services that are commonly requested.

Residential Roofing Hutto, TX: Severe weather can result in roof damage, so we are often asked to evaluate hail and wind damage. Roof repairs and chimney repairs necessitated by severe weather or other causes are also frequently requested. Other popular requests are siding installations.
Commercial Roofing Hutto, TX: Services: There are many commercial buildings in Hutto featuring flat or low-slope roofs, so we are often asked to replace them after they have been damaged beyond repair or have simply worn out. The fabrication of custom metal panels, trim pieces, vents or other types of roof accessories is another popular request.
Roof Repair Hutto, TX: The damage caused by roof leaks will only increase over time. Preventing the water from reaching the building’s structural components and contents is essential if the damage is to be controlled.
Metal Roof Installation Hutto, TX: Metal roofing systems have become increasingly common on homes as well as commercial buildings. There are now styles for virtually every type of architecture as well as an extensive range of available colors. Professional installation is the key to having a metal roof that looks great and lasts for decades.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Hutto, TX: A well-maintained roof can have a longer life than one that is neglected. Routine maintenance plans are an affordable way to ensure that minor problems do not become major issues.

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor that delivers quality services to the Hutto, TX area. We are famous for our craftsmanship, customer service and professionalism. Our extensive list of services includes siding, metal roof, asphalt shingle, skylight,  built-up roof and flashing installations; chimney, flashing and roof repairs; maintenance plans; hail/wind damage inspections; moss and debris removal; and metal fabrication. If you want high-quality work at reasonable rates, contact us for a free quote. You can reach us at (512) 777-1086, or you can use our online form to submit your information.