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Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is one of America’s fastest-growing cities; its population increased from slightly more than 447,600 in 1990 to an estimated 854,113 in 2016. In addition, the city has attracted major employers in the transportation, medical and manufacturing industries. When people in the Fort Worth area need quality roofing services, they know that they can rely on the professionals at Alpha Roofing. We provide commercial and residential services, including flat roof replacement, metal roofing system installation, asphalt shingle installation, roof repairs, routine maintenance programs, hail and wind damage inspections, metal fabrication and siding installation.

Fort Worth, TX, roofer Fort Worth, tx

Fort Worth began as an army post following the Mexican War. Originally called Camp Worth, the initial post was established on the banks of the Trinity River in June 1849. Later that year, the camp was moved to a bluff overlooking the Clear Fork and officially renamed Fort Worth. Soon, settlers began establishing homesteads around the fort, laying the groundwork for a true town.

By 1853, the fort had been abandoned. Fort Worth remained a sleepy frontier town for the next two decades. In the years after the Civil War, Fort Worth became an important stop for cattle drives on the Chisholm Trail. When the railroad finally arrived in Fort Worth in the early 1870s, the city experienced a boom and became an important hub for the cattle trade. For the next few decades, Fort Worth was forced to deal with the issues created by prosperity. It was reputed to have the most saloons, brothels and gambling houses of any city on the Chisholm Trail except Dodge City. By 1900, however, social reformers had succeeded in eliminating most of the gambling and dance halls, and by 1910, the population of Fort Worth, TX increased by approximately 175 percent. Over 46,000 new residents swelled the population to more than 73,300 in 1910. The federal government’s decision to locate an Army training installation on the outskirts of the city in 1917 fueled additional growth.

Throughout the 20th century, Fort Worth continued to evolve and grow. While embracing its Western heritage, the city also began to promote the arts. Theaters such as Casa Manana presented live performances, while museums such as the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and the Kimbell Art Museum achieved national recognition. Today, residents have access to various institutions of higher learning, more than 11,700 acres of parks and a variety of cultural activities.

Fort Worth, TX | Roofing Services

When homeowners and businesses in Fort Worth need a dependable roofing contractor who will provide exceptional work at competitive prices, they frequently turn to Alpha Roofing. Here are some of the roofing-related services commonly requested by our customers in Fort Worth.

Residential Roofing Fort Worth, TX: Homeowners often need repairs on roofs that have suffered hail or wind damage. In addition, they frequently need chimneys repaired and siding installed.
Commercial Roofing Fort Worth, TX: Most commercial buildings in Fort Worth have flat or low-slope roofs. Many commercial clients ask us to perform flat roof replacements. When they need custom panels, trim or vents, they often ask us to produce these in our metal fabrication facility.
Roof Repairs Fort Worth, TX: A roof leak can cause substantial damage to the contents of a home or business as well as costly damage to structural components. Existing or potential leaks should be handled as emergencies that require immediate attention.
Metal Roof Installation Fort Worth, TX: Metal roofs are extremely long-lasting, attractive and available in a broad range of colors and styles. However, metal roof installation is a specialized skill that is not possessed by every roofing contractor.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Fort Worth, TX: Preventive maintenance can help ensure the longest possible life for your roof. Maintenance plans make it easier to budget for routine maintenance while giving you greater peace of mind.

The diverse industries present in Fort Worth pose no challenge to the professionals at Alpha Roofing. We routinely provide quality work to homeowners, apartment complexes, retailers, office buildings, warehouses, hotels and motels, health care facilities, schools, manufacturing facilities, religious institutions, restaurants and government agencies.

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Alpha Roofing is a commercial roofing and residential roofing company servicing Fort Worth, TX.  We are committed to providing extraordinary workmanship at competitive rates. We offer professional project management and award-winning customer service, possess impeccable references and believe in offering every customer a full explanation of all possible alternatives. Our services include the installation of modified bitumen systems, asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, siding, and skylights. We also repair roofs, remove moss and debris, repair chimneys, offer emergency roof repairs, repair flashing, offer metal fabrication, conduct roof inspections and offer maintenance plans. You can request a free estimate by calling one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members at (512) 777-1086 or submitting the convenient online form.