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Harker Heights, TX

Harker Heights, TX, roofer Harker Heights, TXBy Texas standards, Harker Heights is a new town, but its residents have already learned that they can depend on Alpha Roofing for help protecting their homes and businesses. At Alpha Roofing, we provide flat roof replacements, metal roofing system installations, asphalt shingle replacements, roof repairs, siding installations, metal fabrication, preventive maintenance programs, roof inspections, and many other roof-related services to homeowners and commercial customers in Harker Heights, TX.

Harker Heights, TX | The History

When Fort Hood was designated as a permanent base in 1950, the news spurred growth in the area. Two hog farmers, Harley Kern and Pinckney Cox, subdivided their land and started selling lots in 1957. Within approximately three years, more than 600 lots had been sold and developed. In September 1960, Harker Heights was incorporated. The name of the city was derived by fusing Harley Kern’s name; he died prior to the official incorporation.

By 1970, the population was approximately 4,200, but within 10 years, it had increased to more than 7,300. The town received an instant population boost of nearly 3,500 people in 1988 when Harker Heights annexed Comanche Hills. By 2010, the population exceeded 26,000, and in 2016, the population of Harker Heights was estimated at almost 29,800.

The economy of Harker Heights has always relied heavily on Fort Hood for direct or indirect support. An estimated 10 percent of the military personnel stationed at Fort Hood who have off-base housing make their homes in Harker Heights. In addition, many civilians living in Harker Heights are employed at Fort Hood.

Although Harker Heights is home to more than 300 businesses, the city does not have any major industry. It is — and has always been — essentially a bedroom community in which most residents commute to other towns for employment.

Roofing Services in Harker Heights

Alpha Roofing offers our services to homeowners in Harker Heights as well as a variety of businesses located in the town. We routinely provide our services to restaurants, stores, banks, office buildings, churches, schools and virtually every other type of commercial enterprise. Frequently requested services are shown below.

Residential Roofing Harker Heights, TX: Homeowners often need to have their roofs inspected for hail or wind damage. We also provide roof repairs, install siding, and repair chimneys.
Commercial Roofing Harker Heights, TX: A large percentage of our commercial roofing jobs involve flat roof replacements. However, many commercial customers ask us to fabricate metal trim pieces or roof accessories.
Roof Repair Harker Heights, TX: When a roof is leaking, stopping the water from damaging the building’s interior or structural components needs to happen quickly. However, even if a damaged roof has not yet shown any evidence of a leak, it may need to be handled as an emergency as well.
Metal Roof Installation Harker Heights, TX: Metal roofs are an attractive, long-lasting alternative for both commercial buildings and homes. For a successful installation, always hire a reputable contractor who has experience and the necessary tools to do the job correctly.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Harker Heights, TX: A roof that receives professional maintenance can have a longer life and require fewer major repairs. Maintenance plans can provide the preventive maintenance needed in a budget-friendly manner.

Alpha Roofing is a residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor that serves Harker Heights, TX.  We are known for our professionalism, the exceptional quality of our work and our superior customer service. Our services include roof repairs and emergency roof repairs, asphalt shingle replacement roofs, flat roof replacements, siding installations, chimney repairs, hail and wind damage inspections, flashing repairs and installations, maintenance plans, metal roof installations, metal fabrication and skylight installations. We would be happy to provide you with a quote if you call (512) 777-1086 or submit our online form.