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Stephenville, TX

Stephenville, TX, roofer Stephenville, TXAlthough Stephenville, TX was not the first town in Erath County, it became the county seat less than a year after the town was platted in 1855. For the remainder of the 19th century, Stephenville’s fortunes ebbed and flowed. Today, however, the city is home to an estimated 20,600 people and a thriving, stable economy. When the people of Stephenville need help with their roofs, they frequently turn to Alpha Roofing for emergency roof repairs, commercial roof replacements, new asphalt shingles, metal roof installations, new gutters, maintenance plans, metal fabrication, new siding and roof inspections.

Stephenville, TX | The History

Erath County was named in honor of George Erath, an Austrian native who arrived in the United States in 1832. Erath was a very busy fellow who served as a Republic of Texas congressman, a Texas Ranger and a State of Texas legislator. However, he was also a surveyor. Among his other expeditions, Erath led the first party of surveyors into what would become Erath County.

In 1855, Erath returned with 30 settlers, including a man named John M. Stephen. Stephen had secured the deed for land awarded to the heirs of a man killed at the Alamo. Stephen offered to donate land for several churches and a county courthouse as well as lots for the settlers accompanying him — but only if the new town was the county seat and named Stephenville. The state agreed to his terms, so in 1856, Stephenville was named the county seat of the newly created Erath County.

Within two years or so, Stephenville had more than 750 residents, a hotel and two stores. However, the population began to drop almost immediately. Peace with the native tribes, notably the Comanche, had not yet been secured. The Civil War also presented hardships, including a scarcity of manufactured goods, a lack of transportation options and little ability to communicate with the outside world. By 1870, however, Stephenville had become established as a center for livestock and agriculture, and by 1880, the population again exceeded 700. During the 1880s, the railroad reached Stephenville, Tarleton State University was founded and coal was discovered nearby. By 1900, the population of Stephenville exceeded 1,900. The town grew steadily throughout the 20th century and is continuing to grow.

Roofing Services in Stephenville

Although agriculture is still a vital part of Stephenville’s economy, half of the town’s 10 top employers are in the manufacturing industry. The other leading employers are in health care, retail and education. Alpha Roofing provides services to all of these industries. We also offer services to apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, homeowners and churches. In Stephenville, we are commonly asked to provide the following types of services.

Residential Roofing Stephenville, TX: Homeowners in Stephenville often need to have their roofs inspected and repaired after hail and/or wind damage. They also request chimney and roof repairs that are unrelated to a weather event. New siding and gutters are also popular services that are requested.
Commercial Roofing Stephenville, TX: The commercial service that is requested the most often is a flat roof replacement. We also receive many requests to fabricate metal roof accessories, panels and trim.
Roof Repair Stephenville, TX: A leaky roof is a serious problem that can result in damage to a building’s structural components and contents. If water is already penetrating the building or is likely to do so as soon as it rains, an emergency repair is in order.
Metal Roof Installation Stephenville, TX: Metal roofing systems have been escalating in popularity over the past decade or so. These durable, attractive roofs are increasingly being used on both homes and businesses. We have the expertise to ensure that your metal roof is correctly installed.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Stephenville, TX: Preventive maintenance is just as important for your roof as it is for your car. Maintenance plans bundle valuable services that can help you obtain the help you need at an economical price.

Alpha Roofing is a residential and commercial roofing contractor servicing Stephenville, TX.  We offer a complete range of roofing-related services, including roof repairs, asphalt shingle replacement, metal roof installations, commercial roof replacements, gutter installations, chimney repairs, attic insulation, siding installations, maintenance programs, metal fabrication, roof inspections and moss removal. We are an award-winning, respected company with exemplary references. Our employees are highly trained professionals who deliver exceptional work and outstanding customer service. If you would like to discuss your roofing needs or request a free quote, you can reach us at (512) 777-1086 or use the online form to send us your information.