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Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX, roofer frisco tx In 1990, the population of Frisco was barely more than 6,100 people, but by 2000, the population exceeded 33,700. A decade later, almost 117,000 people resided in Frisco, and in 2016, the population was estimated at more than 163,000 people. No town can support such a rapidly growing population without providing residents with access to housing, goods and services. One service that business enterprises and homeowners in Frisco, TX often need is professional roofing. At Alpha Roofing, we are frequently asked to install asphalt shingles, replace flat roofs on commercial buildings, inspect for wind and/or hail damage, perform emergency roof repairs, install metal roofing systems, repair chimneys, and supply a variety of other roofing services.

Frisco, TX | The History

When wagon trains began bringing settlers to the area, many of them followed what would become known as the Shawnee Trail. This route stretched from Missouri to Austin, and Texas drovers moved herds along this route from the 1840s until the early 1870s. During the Civil War, the Shawnee Trail was used by both sides to move troops and supplies. Eventually, what is now known as Preston Road was built along a section of the old Shawnee Trail.

Along this trail, the small community of Lebanon grew up on Preston Ridge, and in 1860, it was granted a post office. For a while, Lebanon continued to grow; by 1890, it had a blacksmith, a flour mill, a cotton gin and several other businesses.

Upon learning in the late 1890s that the Frisco line planned to lay tracks in the area, Lebanon hoped that the route would pass through the town. However, steam engines needed watering stops, and Lebanon’s elevation was deemed too high to be effective. Instead, the railroad decided to place the watering stop on lower ground about four miles from Lebanon. A banker from McKinney named Francis Emerson owned the land chosen for the new site, and he vowed that he would ensure that the new town received a national bank if the town was named in his honor. The new community was named Emerson, the bank never materialized and the post office objected to the name because it was too similar to a town already existing in Lamar County called Emberson. Therefore, when the town received a post office in 1902, the townspeople chose to honor the railroad and named the town Frisco City. Later, the name was shortened, and the town was officially renamed Frisco.

During its early years, Frisco received an influx of businesses and residents from Lebanon. Many of these people physically moved their buildings and homes to Frisco, and by 1910, the town had 332 residents. The economic base was primarily related to agriculture. Farmers shipped their products from Frisco, purchased their supplies in the town and used the grain elevators and cotton gins that had been built soon after Frisco was established. Gradually, however, Frisco was transformed into a suburb of Dallas.

Roofing Services in Frisco

Frisco is far from a bedroom community. It has attracted employers in the health care, technology, higher education, retail, hospitality and entertainment industries. At Alpha Roofing, we are often asked to provide our services to homeowners, restaurants, hotels and motels, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, office buildings, apartment complexes, recreational facilities, religious institutions and retailers in Frisco.

Residential Roofing Frisco, TX: Homeowners in Frisco often ask us to determine the extent of damage that their roof received during a hailstorm or high-wind event. Chimney and roof repairs are also common requests. We also receive requests to install fiber cement siding, and asphalt shingles.
Commercial Roofing Frisco, TX: Flat roof replacement is a common commercial roofing request. Typically, the request is to install a modified bitumen system. We also receive requests to fabricate metal roofing accessories.
Roof Repair Frisco, TX: Most people in Frisco understand the need to take immediate action if a roof is leaking. However, emergency repairs may also be justified if the roof could potentially spring a leak during the next storm.
Metal Roof Installation Frisco, TX: A few decades ago, metal roofs were often associated with rural structures, but they have come a long way and experienced an explosive growth in popularity. They are durable, available in an extensive range of styles and colors, require minimal maintenance and are more affordable than a lot of people realize.
Maintenance Plans Frisco, TX: A professional maintenance plan can take the stress out of ensuring that your roof receives proper preventive maintenance. These plans are surprisingly economical, and they can potentially save you from needing a costly repair or having your roof fail prematurely.

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