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Hillsboro, TX

Hillsboro, TX, roofer Hillsboro txHillsboro can be considered as a gateway to the Texas Hill Country although it is not officially part of the region. Located beside Interstate 35 near the I-35 split, Hillsboro is also served by several state highways, U.S. highways and farm roads. As the county seat and primary center for commerce and trade in Hill County, Hillsboro, TX has an abundance of stores, motels and hotels, antique dealers and restaurants. There are also many Victorian homes that have been restored and several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Alpha Roofing enjoys working with property owners in Hillsboro who need the asphalt shingles on their homes replaced, a commercial roof replacement, roof repairs, new siding, a metal roof installed, an inspection for storm damage to a roof, metal fabrication, a routine maintenance plan, or other roof-related services.

Hillsboro, TX | The History

In 1853, Hill County was created, but all of the towns suitable for a county seat were considered to be too far from the county’s center. A man named Thomas Steiner owned land that was almost perfectly centered in the county, so he donated 220 acres for the new town. The community was named in honor of Dr. George Hill, allegedly the first settler to arrive in neighboring Navarro County, but it was originally spelled “Hillsborough.”

During its early years, Hillsboro remained a serene agricultural community. In 1870, there were only 153 people in the town. However, changes were on the horizon. The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad — popularly known as the Katy — arrived in Hillsboro in 1881, the same year that Hillsboro was formally incorporated. The railroad built shops that provided jobs for area residents until the 1930s. In 1888, the spelling of the city’s name was changed to its current form by the post office, and the Cotton Belt line reached Hillsboro the same year. Between 1880 and 1890, the population of Hillsboro grew from 313 to more than 2,500 people. The current population is approximately 8,300.

Roofing Services in Hillsboro

Hillsboro supports a variety of commercial enterprises, including hotels and motels, manufacturing facilities, museums, stores, entertainment venues and restaurants. Alpha Roofing serves customers in all of these industries as well as those in the health care, educational and transportation industries. We also serve homeowners, municipalities, apartment complexes and office parks. Commonly requested services in Hillsboro are listed below.

Residential Roofing Hillsboro, TX: The most commonly requested residential services include roof repairs, installing new asphalt shingles and inspecting roofs for wind and/or hail damage. However, we also receive many requests to install new siding, and perform chimney repairs.
Commercial Roofing Hillsboro, TX: The most-requested commercial service is to replace an existing low-slope or flat roof, typically with a modified bitumen system. Our metal fabrication service is also popular; this allows us to create custom trims or accessories.
Roof Repair Hillsboro, TX: A roof leak is a serious matter that can cause extensive damage if it is not immediately addressed. Many times, a damaged roof can also justify an emergency repair to prevent a leak from developing.
Metal Roof Installation Hillsboro, TX: The demand for metal roofs has been increasing among homeowners as well as commercial property owners. However, not all roofers know how to install the new systems correctly.
Roofing Maintenance Plans Hillsboro, TX: Preventive maintenance — or the lack of it — can make the difference between a roof that achieves its full life expectancy and one that fails prematurely. Regular maintenance can also help uncover minor issues that can be economically repaired before they become major problems that require costly repairs.

An experienced, award-winning, highly regarded roofing company, Alpha Roofing provides an extensive range of roofing services to customers in Hillsboro, TX. We offer commercial and residential roofing services, including flat roof replacements, metal roof installations, asphalt shingle installations, roof repairs,  roof inspections, flashing installation and repair, moss and debris removal, skylight installations, metal fabrication and preventive maintenance plans. We deliver high-quality work at competitive rates, so request your free quote today by calling (512) 777-1086 or completing the online form.