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Grandbury, TX

Grandbury, TX, roofer grandbury, txGranbury has seen its share of mysteries over the years, but the town’s property owners know that Alpha Roofing can at least solve the mystery of where to find quality, affordable roofing services. Alpha provides an extensive range of services to businesses and homeowners in Granbury, TX including metal roof installations, flat roof replacements, asphalt shingle installations, roof repairs, siding installations, chimney repairs, maintenance plans, metal fabrication, hail/wind damage inspections and repairs, and moss and debris removal.

Granbury, TX | The History

The town of Granbury was little more than a log courthouse and a town square when it was founded. Land for the new town consisted of a 40-acre donation from brothers Jake and Jesse Nutt, early settlers who had arrived in the area in the late 1850s. Abel Landers, the Nutt’s uncle, was the first elected county judge after Hood County was formed in 1866, and in a controversial affair, Landers overturned three elections for the selection of the county seat. After much political wrangling, the decision was made to build a new town — Granbury — to serve as the county seat. Many historians believe that Landers deliberately manipulated matters so that his nephews’ land would increase in value as the county seat expanded and prospered.

Prior to the founding of Granbury, Davy Crockett’s widow and son had moved to Hood County. Elizabeth and Robert arrived in 1853 and settled on the 640 acres awarded posthumously to Crockett for his service at the Alamo. Elizabeth’s gravesite is the smallest state park in Texas, measuring approximately 0.006 acre. Robert’s son, Ashley, would eventually take over Granbury’s first newspaper.

Despite the lack of definitive proof, local legends claim that Granbury was the temporary home of two notorious men. Legend has it that the outlaw Jesse James spent his last years in Granbury and is buried in Granbury Cemetery. Some of Jesse’s descendants believe this tale to be true, but most historians are of the opinion that he died and was buried in Missouri. The other legend concerns John Wilkes Booth, believed to be the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. During the 1870s, a man calling himself John St. Helen arrived in Granbury. He supported himself by working as a bartender, but he occasionally appeared on the stage of the Granbury Opera House. Several residents claimed to have heard St. Helen deliver scenes from various works of Shakespeare, and one man who had seen Booth on stage insisted that St. Helen’s voice was identical to Booth’s. When St. Helen fell ill and believed he was about to die, he confessed that he was indeed Booth. However, St. Helen recovered and quickly left town. Whether these tales are true will likely remain an unsolved mystery.

Granbury’s growth received a boost when the railroad arrived in 1887. Many new buildings were constructed, especially on the square, and the remaining structures are outstanding examples of Victorian architecture. Due largely in part to the railroad, the population more than doubled between 1880 and 1890, increasing from 524 to 1,164. Today, an estimated 9,755 people reside in Granbury.

Roofing Services in Granbury

Proximity to Fort Worth, access to three Class-1 railroad lines, recreational opportunities at Lake Granbury, a well-educated workforce and the charm of living in a small town have attracted new residents as well as new businesses. Granbury enjoys a diverse economic base that includes the health care, hospitality, manufacturing and retail industries. Alpha Roofing offers services to the office parks, apartment complexes, medical facilities, restaurants, motels, schools, subdivisions, churches and homeowners in Granbury.

Residential Roofing Granbury, TX: Homeowners in Granbury often ask Alpha to repair their roofs, install a new asphalt shingle roof, repair a chimney, install new siding or conduct an inspection to determine whether a roof has incurred wind or hail damage.
Commercial Roofing Granbury, TX: Since the roofs on most commercial buildings in Granbury are flat or low-slope, a common request is to replace a modified bitumen system. We are also asked to provide custom metal fabrication, especially if the intent is to retain the character of older buildings.
Roof Repair Granbury, TX: Imminent or existing leaks should be dealt with immediately. Delays can result in damage to the structure’s interior and contents.
Metal Roof Installation Granbury, TX: Metal roofing systems that are improperly installed can fail or leak. Always choose a contractor with experience and the proper equipment to do the job right.
Roofing Maintenance Plan Granbury, TX: A preventive maintenance plan can often provide substantial savings over the life of the roof. Regular inspections can identify seemingly insignificant issues that could become costly problems if not remedied.

If you need outstanding roofing services in Granbury, TX, contact Alpha Roofing today. We are an award-winning, well-established company with an unsurpassed reputation and first-rate references. Our services include the installation of asphalt shingles, metal roofs, flat roofs, skylights, siding, and flashing; the repair of chimneys, roofs and flashing; moss and debris removal; preventive maintenance plans; roof inspections; and metal fabrication. We offer free quotes, so request yours by calling our office at 512-777-1086 or filling out the online request form.