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Metal Roofing & Maintenance

Metal Roofing & Maintenance, metal roofing austin tx The metal roof on your home or business represents a substantial investment, and although metal roofs typically require less maintenance than an asphalt or wood shingle roof, it will require periodic maintenance. Just like every other part of your structure, your metal roof will benefit greatly from a routine preventive maintenance schedule.

Metal Roofing & Maintenance – Proper Installation

The most important aspect of owning a metal roof is the question of whether it was installed correctly. An incorrectly installed metal roof will require more maintenance and can eventually fail altogether. If you are in the process of having a metal roof installed on your home or business, it is in your best interest to choose wisely when selecting the contractor who is going to be doing the work. Any potential contractors should be thoroughly researched. You should also do some research on the process and materials associated with the metal roofing industry so that you are fully prepared to ask all pertinent questions of any potential contractor. Choosing a qualified and experienced roofing contractor is the most critical step to consider.

Metal Roofing & Maintenance -Preventive Maintenance

A newly installed metal roof should require no maintenance repair on your part. However, you should immediately implement a schedule of preventive maintenance to keep your metal roof in excellent condition. Periodically inspect your roof from ground level for any issues, occasionally taking a closer look from a ladder. A close inspection should be performed after any severe storm, and any tree limbs or other debris should be immediately removed from the metal roof and all adjoining structures such as chimneys and gutters. An occasional washing with a hose and good spray nozzle will easily remove abrasive dirt and small debris.

Metal Roofing & Maintenance – Needed Repairs

As your metal roof ages, it may need occasional repairs. Because metal roofs can be treacherous to walk on and possibly damaged by those without proper training, most repairs and inspections should be handled by a professional contractor with experience in metal roofing systems. On metal roofs with exposed metal fasteners, occasional tightening may be needed or total replacement of the fastener. Any holes in the metal roofing material or gaps in the seams should be repaired immediately with a product that is approved or recommended by the manufacturer.

Although choosing a metal roof can be more expensive than an asphalt or wood shingle roof, the life span of a metal roof far exceeds either. A metal roof can be expected to last 40 to 70 years. Metal roofs are more fire resistant, which may possibly lower your insurance premiums. They radiate heat from the sun away from the home instead of absorbing it into the home for a more comfortable air-conditioned interior that saves on energy costs. In most adverse weather conditions, a metal roof is more dependable for protecting your home and is less likely to sustain severe damage itself.

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