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Roof Replacement & Cost Considerations

A roof replacement is not something that the average homeowner needs to deal with frequently; many people need a new roof only two or three times during their lifetime. However, when a roof is no longer capable of protecting you and […]

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Austin Siding | Is Vinyl The Best Decision?

If you are tired of painting your wood siding or just want to give your home’s exterior a makeover, you may be considering vinyl siding. After all, vinyl siding takes little time to install, costs less than your other options and […]

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Commercial & Residential Roofing: The Differences

The roof on a home and the roof on an office building serve the same basic function, which is to keep what belongs outside from reaching the interior. Rain, hail, sleet, birds, squirrels, falling leaves, dust and wind are just some […]

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Roofing: Birds & Potential Damages

According to a survey conducted in 2013, there are at least 47 million Americans who are active birdwatchers. A different survey revealed that approximately 3.7 million households keep a total of 8.3 million birds as pets. These numbers show that a […]

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Austin Roofing -The Wrong Roofer?

Most people have heard horror stories about roofing jobs gone wrong. Maybe you heard about a case in which the roofer removed the old roof without tarping the exposed deck before leaving for the day, resulting in damage to the home’s […]

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Austin Commercial Roofer – Who Is the Best?

Installing a commercial roof represents a substantial investment of both your time and your money. When that roof needs to be repaired or maintained, you need a contractor who will ensure that the work is performed correctly. However, you may have […]

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Wood Siding & Fiber Cement – Wonder Siding

Whether you are replacing your siding or choosing siding for new construction, you are probably looking for a choice that gives you the right balance between affordability, visual appeal, durability and ease-of-maintenance. You may like the low cost of vinyl siding, […]

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Commercial Roofing & Budgeting

If you do not find preparing a budget to be your favorite task, you need not feel lonely. When budget time rolls around, many people groan inwardly — or loudly. This is especially true for capital budgets that may span multiple […]

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Commercial Roofing: Roof Failure | Austin, TX

When you have a new commercial roof installed, you naturally expect it to last for years. You know that there will be some repairs required as it ages, and you know that your roof will eventually fail. What you do not […]

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Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX

Residents of Austin do not worry much about what the winter might bring. They know that getting 48 inches of snow in a single weekend would be a virtual impossibility, that there will only be a few nights when temperatures drop […]

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