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Why Hire a Licensed Roof Contractor? | Austin, TX

The roof is one of the most critical components of your home, so you should make sure that the roofing company you hire to repair or replace it has the experience, training, and skills to do the job right. If state […]

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Commercial Roofing – Replace or Repair?

Commercial roofs can suffer damage from a variety of sources. During the summer, it is subjected to high temperatures and harsh radiation. It can be pounded by hail, raked by high winds and pummeled by rain. Well-meaning but woefully uninformed people […]

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How Can Rain Affect Your Roof? – Residential Roofing

When you consider all that your roof endures, it is hard not to be impressed by its ability to withstand searing heat, high humidity, wind, hail, and torrential downpours. However, you should not take your roof for granted; all of these […]

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Roofing Services – What Details Go Into a Roof Quote?

The average American does not have many interactions with residential roof contractors. If you stay in your home for 50 years, you probably will not need to call a roofing contractor to replace your roof more than two or three times […]

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Tips to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair

Several common types of damage cause homeowners to seek emergency roof repairs. Large hail might crack asphalt shingles, or high winds could tear sections of shingles from the roof. A tree limb might fall on the roof and crack the decking, […]

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Hardie Board Siding – Is It Worth It? | Austin, TX

Whether you call a siding contractor to select cladding for a new home or to replace your current siding, you should first explore the different options that are available to you. During your research, you will probably discover that the fiber […]

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What Causes Most Commercial Roofing Problems?

Like the roof covering your home, your commercial roof is supposed to protect your building’s interior, structural components, and contents from potentially damaging exterior forces. When commercial roofs fail, they typically provide warnings in the form of stains on your ceilings […]

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How to Find the Best Roofers in Your Area

Texas roofing materials take a beating while they are protecting your home. Your roof can be exposed to scorching temperatures, high humidity levels, sudden thunderstorms and abundant levels of UV rays in the summer. Spring and early summer months often bring […]

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Why High Quality Roofing Materials Matter | Austin, TX

Every day, homeowners approach licensed roofing companies to help with the selection of the materials for a new roof. There are many options available, and prices can vary drastically. Often, homeowners who choose the cheapest alternative find themselves regretting their decision […]

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Commercial & Residential Roofing – Key Differences

Whether a roof is installed on a home or a commercial building, its primary purpose is to protect the building’s occupants, structural components, contents and interior furnishings from the elements. However, residential and commercial roofs typically have more differences than similarities. […]

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