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How to Protect Your House From Roof Leaks

How to Protect Your House From Roof Leaks, austin roof leakWhen homeowners first notice a roof leak, they often feel flustered and stressed. They feel that the secure, cozy cocoon that is their home has been invaded and is under threat. The discovery of a leak can also leave them pondering the answers to many questions. Where is the leak? Why did the leak form? How much damage has the leak already inflicted? Is it better to seek quotes from roof replacement or roof repair contractors? Could the leak have been prevented? The answer to the last question is that many leaks can be prevented.

How to Protect Your House From Roof Leaks

How Can a Homeowner Prevent a Roof Leak?

It is certainly possible for a single event to spawn an immediate leak that stains the ceiling in your living room, but most leaks take time to progress to the interior of a home. To prevent a roof leak, you should take a two-pronged approach that involves your own vigilance about your home’s maintenance and the services of a licensed roofing company to identify and correct issues that could evolve into leaks.

How Can a Homeowner Help Prevent a Roof Leak Through Home Maintenance?

Many people do not realize that there are several maintenance tasks that can have a direct impact on the health of a roof. One example is cleaning out the home’s gutters. Some people consider gutters as little more than decoration, but a gutter system is actually an integral roof component. Clogged gutters let runoff back up underneath the edge of the roof, and the water can eventually rot the roof deck before proceeding to damage the rafters and the studs within the wall void. A second example is keeping trees near the home trimmed. Overhanging branches can inflict serious damage if they come crashing down on your roof, but they can cause other problems. Shaded areas can remain damp long after rain falls, promoting the growth of algae and mildew and increasing the risk that water will rot the decking material. Branches that are low enough to touch the roof can gouge or scratch the roof covering when the wind moves them.

What Else Can a Homeowner Do to Help Prevent a Roof Leak?

Periodically, walk around your home and look for signs of problems with your roof. Look for excessive granules near the foundation and around downspouts as well as pieces of shingles in your yard. Check your roof’s drip edge to ensure that it is intact and in the proper position. On a windy day, look for shingles or roofing panels that are being lifted or moved by the wind. While standing on the ground, use binoculars to check for missing or damaged flashing, misaligned tiles or panels, or shingles that are missing, degranulated, curled, or cracked. Go into your attic on a sunny day to look for light coming through the deck or at the points where walls meet the roof. Check for water stains, mildew, or damp spots. Make sure that items stored within the attic are not blocking any vents. If you have a fireplace, watch for damp spots next to or inside the fireplace; moisture near the fireplace could indicate that you are in need of a chimney repair.

How Can a Licensed Roofing Company Help Prevent Roof Leaks?

A roof is a dangerous place for people without the right safety gear, extensive experience, and the proper footwear. Furthermore, without proper training, you could cause damage that could result in a leak that would not have developed otherwise. Reputable contractors know how to access and inspect a roof safely and without inflicting damage. They also know how to recognize warning signs of hidden damage that typical homeowners might overlook. Every spring, every autumn, and after every severe storm, you should request a professional roof inspection. When you call for a roof inspection quote, you may find that the contractor does not charge for inspecting your roof. Routine inspections allow contractors to identify issues that could lead to a roof leak so that they can be handled quickly and economically.

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