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What Happens in a Roof Inspection? | Central Texas

austin roofing contractor, What Happens in a Roof Inspection? | Central Texas, alpha roofing It is easy to take your roof for granted, but ignoring your complete roof structure’s overall health can have serious consequences. Leaks can damage your drywall, furniture, and floor coverings, and they can potentially damage your wall supports, rafters, and floor joists. Mildew or mold could find a foothold inside your home in many locations, including some that are hidden from your view. If you want your Texas roofing to have a long, trouble-free life, you should consider having a professional conduct periodic inspections.

What Happens in a Roof Inspection? | Central Texas

How Often Should I Schedule an Inspection of My Roof?

It is best to schedule an annual inspection of all parts of your roofing system. You should also request an additional roof inspection if severe weather strikes between yearly inspections. Your insurance company will probably choose an appraiser to inspect for damage if you need to file a claim for insurance restoration. Still, it would be prudent to ask a trustworthy roofer to conduct an independent inspection to ensure that the appraiser identifies all damage.

Will the Inspector Need to Enter My Home?

When you ask a reputable roofing company to conduct a thorough inspection, the representative will typically want to inspect your attic. In the attic, inspectors look for mildew, water stains, mold, or rot on the insulation, rafters, roof decking, and any items stored in the attic. They will also check to make sure that the space has sufficient ventilation. The inspector may want to check your interior walls and ceilings for signs of rot, water stains, and mold.

Will the Inspector Need to Access My Roof?

Most inspectors start with a visual examination from the ground level. They are looking for obvious problems, including missing shingles, excessive granules around the foundation or near the downspouts, damage to the soffit and fascia boards, and missing, sagging, or damaged gutters. Ultimately, however, inspectors will need to access your roof to complete a thorough examination. On your roof, they will look for broken or missing flashing, improperly completed repairs or installations, and damage to your chimney, including missing or cracked mortar, broken bricks, and damage to the chimney cap. In general, your inspector will look for current leaks as well as issues that could lead to future leaks, and this can help you avoid a call to an emergency roofing company after the damage has been done.

If I Have a Metal Roof, Do I Still Need Regular Inspections?

Central Texas metal roofing systems do need regular inspections. Usually, even large hail will do little damage to a metal roof other than inflicting a few dents. However, the fasteners securing your roof can become loose, especially if the contractor you hired for the installation was inexperienced or sloppy. If the fasteners are not correctly tightened, the panels can shift, potentially causing a leak.

Are Roof Inspections Expensive?

Many Texas roofing contractors offer free inspections, and even those that do not typically charge very little for an inspection. At Alpha Roofing, we offer free inspections as well as very economical maintenance programs that usually include annual inspections, inspections after every severe weather event, and some repairs as well as the trimming of tree branches touching or overhanging your roof.

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