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How Roofing Contractors and Insurance Companies Work Together

How Roofing Contractors and Insurance Companies Work TogetherThe most common reason to need a roof repaired or replaced is simply that the old roof is aging or has worn out. However, severe storms account for a great deal of damage to Austin residential roofing during an average year. Homes in the area can be subjected to hail of remarkable size, high winds that can propel objects into roofs or blow away shingles, and severe thunderstorms that can result in lightning striking the roof. If your home is insured, you may be tempted just to let your insurance company handle any work needed, but this could be a mistake that ends up costing you time and money. Experienced and reputable roofing contractors work closely with insurance companies to help homeowners receive a fair payment for the damage that has been done to their roofs. Involving a qualified roofer early in the process is the best way to avoid frustration and ensure that you are properly compensated for the work that is needed.

How Will a Roofing Contractor Help With Your Insurance Claim?

Before elaborating on the various ways that a roofer can help, it might be useful to discuss how roofing insurance restoration claims work. When you file a claim, your insurance company will assign someone to assess the damage. This claims adjuster may be employed by the insurance company, but the company may also contract with an independent assessor. Although an assessor conducting a roof inspection for insurance companies will typically be honest and thorough, he or she may not fully understand local codes or may miss certain types of damage. If the insurance company’s assessor reports that replacement or repairs will cost a certain amount, that amount is what your insurance company will pay. If the actual costs are more, you will be responsible for paying the difference. Therefore, it is wise to contact a reputable roofing company that offers a free roofing inspection.

1. The roofer will make his inspection and document the damage he finds.
2. If necessary, the roofer can make an emergency roof repair to prevent additional damage. Most insurance policies cover temporary repairs, including placing tarps on the roof. Furthermore, if further damage results because you did not do all that you could to stop water from entering through a damaged roof, the insurance company could refuse to pay the additional costs.
3. Ask your roofer to be present when the claims adjuster inspects your roof. This allows the roofer to explain his justification for including certain items or to point out damage that the adjuster might overlook.
4. Although claims adjusters are typically honest, if there is an issue that lies inside a gray area, they sometimes tend to choose the solution that will save their company money. An experienced roofer has the knowledge needed to debate the issue with the adjuster. Sometimes, the weight of a reputable roofer’s evaluation of what needs to be done will be enough to convince adjusters to alter their stance.
5. Once the insurance company computes the amount of your claim for your roofing services, the contractor will discuss your options. The goal is to leave you with a roof that is at least as good as it was before it was damaged. In some cases, you might prefer to pay a bit extra to upgrade your roof. For example, if your old roof was covered in asphalt shingles, you might want to have a metal roof installed. Since the insurance company will not pay for the upgrade, you would be responsible for the difference in cost.
6. After you have signed a contract, the roofer will order the necessary supplies and schedule a start date. In most cases, you will need to pay your deductible at that time, and you might need to pay any difference between the amount that the insurance company will pay and the actual cost. The roofer will usually not receive the bulk of his money until certain milestones are met.
7. If your insurance company requires an inspection upon completion, your roofer will meet with the company’s inspector. This helps ensure that your new roof has been properly installed or that repairs have been properly made.

Alpha Roofing can help you through the process of roofing insurance restoration. City inspectors or insurance companies independently inspect over 25% of all roofs installed by our company, and the quality we deliver has earned our crews an outstanding reputation in the industry. We serve customers in most parts of Central Texas from our office in Round Rock. Our roofing services include installing metal roofs and asphalt shingles, chimney repairs, emergency roof repair, and flashing installation and repair. We offer free roofing inspections as well as affordable roofing maintenance plans, metal fabrication, and moss and debris removal. You can ask us for a free quote by completing the online form or calling our Round Rock office at 512-777-1086.