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What Is Insurance Restoration? | Roofing Claims

What Is Insurance Restoration? | Roofing Claims, roofing austin txIt is no secret that Central Texas gets its fair share of hail and high winds. It is also no secret that both of these types of weather events can cause extensive damage to your home. However, what is a mystery to many homeowners is the process involved in roofing insurance claims. If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a storm or want to learn more about the process, the following information can help you navigate the claims process.

What Is Insurance Restoration? | Roofing Claims

What Should Happen When a Homeowner Calls a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

One critical point you should keep in mind is that you are the one who should initiate contact with a roofing company. If the storm has caused widespread damage, unscrupulous or nomadic roofers may flock to the area. They usually knock on doors to solicit business. However, they have been known to use high-pressure tactics to convince you to sign a contract before you have even talked to your insurance company. They have even been caught inflicting damage on roofs during their free inspections. Homeowners who deal with local roofing companies virtually always receive better results.

Although not every roofing contractor follows precisely the same process, these are the necessary steps that most contractors will follow.

1. When you call, the contractor will schedule a time to conduct a thorough inspection. During the inspection, the contractor will go onto your roof to look for damaged shingles, decking, flashing and vents. He will inspect the downspouts and gutters for damage. He will check the interior and the attic for evidence of water infiltration. He may also check for damage to your siding, garage door, windows or landscaping. If you ask and the contractor believes it necessary, he may spread tarps or make some temporary repairs to prevent additional damage to the structure and its furnishings.
2. If evidence of storm damage is found, the contractor will advise you to call your insurance agent or company to file a claim. Homeowners must file their roofing insurance claims, but your contractor should be willing to offer some advice or to be present during the call. He should also make a copy of his inspection report available to you in case your insurance company wants to review it.
3. Once you have filed a claim, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to conduct a damage inspection and work up an estimate. It is a good idea to request that your roofing contractor be present during the adjuster’s inspection to help prevent the possibility that the adjuster might overlook some of the damage.
4. After receiving your insurance company’s approval, the contractor will meet with you to finalize the details. These details include the selection of the type of shingles you want, the color you want, and the scope of the work. At this meeting, he will usually collect your payment for your deductible; in Texas, the deductible for roofing services is often no more than 2 percent of the home’s insured value. Your deductible should be the only amount that you pay out of your pocket.
5. The contractor will return to his office to complete additional tasks. These tasks, which include obtaining any necessary permits, may take a few days. During this time, the contractor will schedule a crew, order the materials for the job, plan the project, review the weather forecast and schedule the required equipment.
6. The materials are typically delivered either the afternoon before or the morning of the first day of work. You will need to make sure that there is a staging area that can be used for these materials, but your contractor should have provided you with the details about the best location and the amount of space needed.
7. Work usually starts as early in the morning as possible. The starting time may be covered by a local ordinance, but unless it would violate such an ordinance, expect work to commence around 7 a.m.
8. After completing the work, the contractor should ensure that his crew cleaned up any wrappers or other debris, checked your yard for nails, and removed all tools and personal items. He will likely want to meet with you to conduct a final review to ensure that all work was performed and is satisfactory. Your insurance company may wish to schedule an inspection by one of its representatives.

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