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How to Decorate for Christmas Without Damaging Your Roof

How to Decorate for Christmas Without Damaging Your Roof, austin roofing Long before the leftover Thanksgiving turkey has made its first appearance in a pot pie, casserole, or soup, many people dive into decorating their homes for Christmas. Some decorations are modest and straightforward, but some decorations are reminiscent of the over-the-top displays featured in various comedies throughout the years. Whether you are out to win a decorating award or want to hang a single strand of lights, you need to understand that some decorations and installation methods can damage your roof. As beautiful as your decorations may be, you do not want to pay for them with a roof leak or an extensive repair.

What Decorations Are Potentially Unsafe for Use on My Roof?

The first thing you need to consider is the weight of your roof decorations and the weight of the roof itself. A high-end replica of Santa’s sleigh and all eight reindeer may impress everyone who passes by your home, but the display could inflict serious damage on your home if your roof lacks the structural integrity to support such a heavy load. If your home already has two layers of asphalt shingles or you suspect damage to your roof deck or rafters, you should be even more cautious about installing heavy decorations on your roof. If you plan to use your fireplace, avoid placing any flammable decorations around your chimney. It would help if you also skipped the inverted Santa legs that are stuffed inside chimneys. Lightweight decorations can also pose a potential hazard to your roof. Unless they are secured carefully and correctly, a strong wind can blow them away, tearing out their anchors and damaging your roof. Lastly, make sure that any electrical cords you use on your roof are rated for outdoor use and that the insulation covering the cords is undamaged.

What Installation Methods for Christmas Decorations Might Damage My Roof?

Never use nails or staples to fasten decorations or their anchoring wires and ropes to your roof. Even if the holes are small, they will still allow moisture to enter. The moisture can damage your insulation, facilitate the growth of mold, and lead to a roof leak. Furthermore, even tiny puncture holes can reduce your heating and cooling system’s efficiency, leading to higher energy bills in both the winter and the summer. However, you should not consider clipping decorations on your gutters as an excellent alternative to nailing or stapling them onto your roof. The extra weight can detach or bend gutters, especially if heavy rain or ice storm strikes. It is always better to use plastic clips to affix Christmas decorations to the eaves rather than the roof.

If I Am Hesitant About Installing Decorations on My Roof, What Should I Do?

The first thing you should consider is whether your roof is your only option for installing Christmas decorations. Your lawn might be far more suitable for heavy or large displays. You might be able to secure lights to the support columns on your porch without damaging the posts. Depending on your home’s architecture, you could use all of your home’s windows that face the street to create a themed display. If you are determined to place decorations on your roof, it would be wise to ask a reputable roofing contractor for assistance. A roofer can inspect your roof to determine decorations’ advisability, offer valuable advice, or install the decorations for you.

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