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Why Do I Need a Roof Maintenance Plan?

Why Do I Need a Roof Maintenance Plan?, austin, texasWhether you own a home or manage a commercial property, you cannot underestimate the importance of the roof that covers your structure. Roofs shield occupants and their belongings from heat, cold, rain, hail, wildlife, wind, and other natural forces. These forces can lead to a damaged roof that can allow water to leak inside your building, potentially ruining your furnishings and endangering other structural components. An effective maintenance plan can help you catch and address small issues before costly damage has occurred.

Why Do I Need a Roof Maintenance Plan?

What Does a Licensed Roofing Contractor Include in a Maintenance Plan?

Although the specifics vary by the contractor and roof type, most plans include thorough inspections once or twice a year, supplemented by additional inspections after severe storms. They may consist of gutter cleaning, moss removal, limited trimming of overhanging tree limbs, or minor repairs. When they call a licensed roofing contractor for a roof inspection Austin customers should also ask which services would be included in a preventive maintenance plan. Most maintenance plans are surprisingly economical, but they can help you avoid the cost of a roof leak repair or a premature roof replacement.

If I Have New Roofing, Do I Need a Maintenance Plan?

Implementing an effective maintenance plan when you have a new roof installed can help your roof last longer, look better, and need fewer expensive repairs. To understand why consider whether it is more economical to have the oil in your car changed regularly or replace its engine. If you do not have the oil changed during your car’s early years, damage can be done that cannot be remedied by routine maintenance.

If My Roof Is Under Warranty, Do I Need a Maintenance Plan?

You might want to read your warranties carefully, including the fine print. Warranties issued by manufacturers typically cover only defects in their products, and they may require periodic inspections by a certified roofing contractor and routine maintenance. In the rare event that the manufacturer’s products are defective, a lack of inspections or regular maintenance could void your warranty. Similarly, if your contractor issued a warranty covering his workmanship, you may also be required to ensure that your roof receives proper maintenance. Furthermore, some contractors include a clause that allows them to void the warranty if you allow an unqualified person to perform maintenance or repairs on your roof. Although roofing warranties offer some protection, they are no substitute for a professional maintenance plan.

Does Alpha Roofing Offer Roof Maintenance Plans?

We can tailor a roof maintenance program to match your roof style and your specific needs at Alpha Roofing. We are a commercial and residential roofing company with an impeccable reputation, highly experienced crews, and a commitment to customer service. Our craftsmanship is exemplary, but our rates are highly competitive. Our services include free roof inspections, flashing repair and installation, metal roof installation, chimney repair, skylight installation, asphalt shingle installation, emergency roof repair, moss and debris removal,  roof replacement, and metal fabrication. Call our office in Round Rock at 512-777-1086 or submit our online form to request a free quote.