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Do I Need a Roof Inspection? | Austin, Texas

Do I Need a Roof Inspection? | Austin, Texas, austin roofingVirtually everyone has seen abandoned homes that are crumbling and falling from lack of maintenance, but not everyone realizes that this almost always starts  with the failure of the roof. Problems originating with the roof of a home will eventually allow moisture to enter the structure, and gravity will disperse this moisture throughout the home. The underlayment and decking will usually be affected first. The attic may be second, and before you know it, the ceilings and walls within the home will show signs of water infiltration. Eventually, floors within the home will succumb to the devastating effects of water damage. The foundation and basement can also be damaged. This is the scenario that awaits any home without periodic maintenance being performed on it, and it is a scenario that can be avoided with a free roofing inspection.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection? | Austin, Texas

Why Does Preventive Maintenance Begin With Periodic Roof Inspections?

An experienced and professional roof contractor should inspect your roof at least twice a year and after any severe weather conditions occur. Periodic roof inspections can catch potential problems before one drop of water enters your home. A thorough roof inspection checklist should include an evaluation of the gutter and downspouts on your home. The soffits and fascia boards are vital points to be examined before accessing the roof. Once on the roof, the professional and experienced roofing contractor will inspect the condition of the roofing material. Flashing around chimneys, skylights, vents, and piping, as well as down roof transitions, are essential parts of the roof structure to be inspected. The inspector from the roof company will pay close attention to any soft areas of the roof that may indicate moisture-damaged decking. Any problems observed by the roof inspector should be repaired as quickly as possible to minimize any further damage.

What Can Homeowners Do to Help Protect Their Roofs?

Being attentive to your roof between scheduled inspections from your roofing contractor is very important for preserving the integrity and safety of your home.

• Take time to observe your roof from the ground as you walk around your home. Look for visible damage and anything out of the ordinary.
• Keep branches from trees and shrubs well away from the roof.
• Inspect the downspouts and gutters on your home after a rain to ensure they are properly catching the runoff from the roof and dispersing it well away from your home’s foundation.
• Accessing your roof is always a potentially dangerous endeavor and should be left to properly trained and equipped professionals. To get a closer look at problematic areas of the roof, consider observing them from the ground with a pair of binoculars.
• Be especially observant of any wet areas appearing on interior walls or ceilings after a rain.

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