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Does a Metal Roof Increase Home Value?

Does a Metal Roof Increase Home Value?, residential roofing austin txFor most people, buying a home represents the largest single purchase they will ever make, so they want to protect their investment. While they own the home, they want it to look well-maintained and attractive. If they decide to sell their house, they want to receive an appropriate return on the money that they invested. A metal roof can help them accomplish all three goals. When you have an experienced Austin residential roofing contractor install a metal roof instead of asphalt shingles, you can potentially increase your home’s value by up to 6 percent. Furthermore, you will likely recoup between 70 percent and 85 percent of the cost of the metal roof when you sell.

Does a Metal Roof Increase Home Value?

How Can a Metal Roof Help Sellers Command a Higher Price?

The real estate market is continually changing, but no matter how much conditions change, selling a home still requires finding a buyer who is willing to pay the price set by the seller. When a home has the features that appeal to the buyer, the offer price tends to increase. Buyers usually find metal roofing systems appealing for the following reasons.

1. Metal roofs typically retain the look of a new roof much longer than asphalt shingles. Although asphalt shingles can have a functional life of 15 to 35 years, they usually begin to show signs of aging in as little as five years. This can lead some buyers to believe that they will need to pay for a new roof very quickly, so they reduce their offer to cover the cost of replacing the existing roof.
2. Modern metal roofs receiving proper installation and sufficient maintenance have a projected functional life of 50 years or more. Prospective buyers usually realize that they may never need to replace the roof.
3. In Austin and Central Texas, a metal roof can reduce energy bills for cooling a home by as much as 25 percent. Under certain conditions, the savings can be even more substantial. Metal roofing systems have excellent insulating abilities, and they can also be better at reflecting the sun’s energy than asphalt shingles.
4. Many insurance companies offer substantial discounts on homeowner policies if the structure has a metal roof. A correctly installed metal roof resists damage from fire, wildlife, hail, wind and impacts better than wood shakes, asphalt shingles and most other types of roof coverings. Since insurance companies know that claims will be fewer and smaller, many offer discounts of as much as 35 percent.
5. The wide variety of styles and colors make it easy to choose a metal roof that enhances the architectural features of a home. For example, metal roofs are available that mimic tile, wood shakes or slate. Therefore, it is just as easy to find the perfect style for a massive Victorian home as it is to find an ideal style for a small bungalow.

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