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Myths About Metal Roofs

Myths About Metal Roofs, Alpha Roofing Industries, Austin, TXMetal roofing systems are beautiful, versatile and durable. They can enhance the curb appeal of your home as well as its value. With so many styles and colors available, it is not surprising that metal roofs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Despite the many benefits offered by metal roofs, there are still some myths circulating about them that need to be debunked.

Myth: You Cannot Walk on a Metal Roof

Roofers walk on metal roofs all the time without causing any damage. The key is to know where to step and which areas to avoid. It is also best to stay off a metal roof when it is extremely hot; the heat makes footing more treacherous. You do not want to walk on a metal roof while it is wet for the same reason.

Myth: Rain Falling on a Metal Roof Makes a Lot of Noise

This myth has survived because many people remember the tin roofs on old barns or sheds and the pounding noise that rain falling on these roofs made. There is no correlation between the old tin roofs and modern metal roofing systems that have insulation and attic space to dampen the noise. Furthermore, because most metal roofs are installed over existing shingles, the noise is often less than it was with the previous roof.

Myth: Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Your home is no more likely to be struck by lightning if you have a metal roof than if you have asphalt shingles. In addition, metal roofs are non-combustible, making them safer than most other types of roofing materials in the unlikely event that you should suffer a lightning strike.

Myth: Hail Destroys Metal Roofs

Asphalt shingles, tiles and wood shakes can all be cracked by hail. With a metal roof, very large hail might dent it, but typical hailstones will not. On many metal roofs, the texture makes it difficult to even see a dent from the ground.

To Learn More About Metal Roofing Systems

At Alpha Roofing, we believe that a metal roof installation is a sensible choice for our customers in Central Texas. They are attractive, durable, fire-resistant and able to withstand the high winds that the area commonly receives. We have more than 30 years of roofing experience, and we are dedicated to giving every customer exceptional work at reasonable rates. In addition to installing metal roofing systems, we install and repair asphalt shingles and roof repair. We also install siding, and hail damage repair.  You can submit our online form to request a free estimate, or you can call our office at (512) 777-1086.

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