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Top Reasons to Address Roof Repair Before the Holidays

Reasons to Address Roof Repair Damage Before the Holidays, austin roofing contractor The holiday season is the ideal time to relax and reconnect with friends and family. However, holidays can also generate stress. Perhaps you need to decorate for the season, cook and clean for the events that you will be hosting, purchase gifts, or prepare your home for houseguests arriving from out of town. The last thing you want is for a roof leak to elevate your stress levels or ruin your holiday plans. If you devote just a little time before the holidays to making sure that any roof repairs are complete, you can mark one potential problem off of your list.

Top Reasons to Address Roof Repair Before the Holidays

What Are Some Signs That I Need Roofing Services?

Before you start calling roof contractors for quotes, take a quick look around your home. Are there stains on your ceiling or wall that might be caused by a leak? If it has rained recently, the stained areas may be damp. However, even if they are dry, you cannot rule out the possibility of a leak. Try to remember how long the stains have been present and whether they have grown in size. Next, take a look at your roof from ground level. Do you see any missing or damaged shingles? Are there any bare spots that indicate that the shingles have lost their granules? Check around your downspouts and next to your foundation for granules that have been removed from your shingles. Lastly, go into your attic on a sunny day. Check the contents stored in the attic, the insulation, and all visible wood for damp spots, water stains, and mold or mildew. If your cursory home inspection reveals evidence that suggests you might have a problem, your next step should be to request an inspection from at least three roof repair contractors.

How Do I Find Reputable Roof Contractors?

If you know that a coworker, friend, neighbor, or relative has recently had a contractor make repairs or install new roofing, ask about the contractor. Was the contractor dependable? Was the work satisfactory? Did the contractor and his crew show respect for the property and clean up after themselves? If this method does not produce any helpful leads, visit a few websites that specialize in user reviews. Select a few possible candidates, visit their websites, and conduct a bit of research on the company. Contact your top candidates and ask for a roof inspection quote. Many roof repair contractors do not charge for roof inspections, so be cautious about selecting a contractor who quotes you a high number for an inspection. When your candidates submit their quotes, make sure that each quote contains enough detail to make it easy for you to compare apples to apples. Ask each contractor for a list of references and proof of insurance.

Is There Still Time to Install New Roofing Before the Holidays?

The weather is the largest obstacle to installing a new roof during the late autumn and early winter months. Obviously, your roofer cannot install a new roof during a thunderstorm, but other conditions can also make an installation impossible or inadvisable. Cold temperatures, high winds, or even a thin layer of ice can force a roofing contractor to postpone a job. The days are growing shorter, and the weather in Central Texas is becoming more unpredictable. Therefore, although it is still possible to have a new roof installed before the holiday season, the longer you wait, the more difficult it may become.

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