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The Repercussions of Delaying Roof Repairs | Austin, TX

For most Americans, a home is the costliest item they will ever purchase. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep the home in good condition through proper preventive maintenance and timely repairs. However, it is not always possible to find the money or the time to handle every project that your home needs. Although some projects can be safely delayed for an extended period, roof repair is not one of them.

Don’t Delay

1. A minor issue can quickly turn into a complete roof replacement. For example, if high winds blow off a few shingles, replacing them will not be a significant expense. However, if you ignore the problem, every subsequent storm can remove an increasingly higher number of shingles. Before you know it, vast areas of the underlayment and decking have been exposed.

2. Once the integrity of your roof covering has been compromised, your entire home can be at risk. The decking and underlayment may need to be replaced, but if water leaks into your attic, wall voids or living spaces, you could be facing expenses that will make a roof repair cost seem like pocket change. Rot can destroy studs, joists, trusses, and rafters. Toxic mold can become established in inaccessible areas. Your floor coverings, drywall, furniture, and personal possessions can be damaged. These types of problems can be very costly to remediate.

3. Roof leaks can damage parts of your property that you might not expect. For example, the foundation of your home could be destabilized, your landscaping could suffer, or your siding could be damaged.

4. A roof leak can increase your energy bills. Gaps can allow water to enter, but they also allow air to flow into and out of your home’s interior.

5. Mice, squirrels, birds, and other pests do not need a large opening to enter your home. For example, a mouse can squeeze through a hole that is roughly the size of a dime.

6. Many components in your home may be covered by separate warranties. Siding and insulation are just two of these components. Manufacturers may declare their warranties void if their products are damaged because a neglected roof leak exposed them to ongoing water infiltration.

7. You could also encounter issues if you need to file a claim with the company insuring your home. The insurance company could rule that your neglect caused or contributed to the damage. If they do, your claim could be reduced or denied.

Asking a reputable contractor for a free roofing inspection can help you protect your home and your wallet. Experienced roofing companies know how to identify and correct problems in a cost-effective manner. Instead of waiting until you need an emergency roof repair, schedule a thorough inspection at least once every year and after each round of severe weather strikes your neighborhood.

At Alpha Roofing, we would be happy to inspect your roof and its components. We are a trusted, award-winning company with impeccable credentials. We repair roofs, chimneys and flashing, and we install skylights, metal roofs, siding, asphalt shingles, and flat roofs. We are based in Round Rock, Tx and offer free quotes, so fill out the online form or call the office at 512-777-1086.