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Should roof flashing be replaced in the re-roofing process?

flashing inspection - Alpha Roofing Austin Your flashings are critical elements of your roofing system. Flashing is used to form a waterproof seal around items that penetrate your roof, such as ventilation ducts, or to waterproof the area where two walls meet, such as where the roof meets the chimney. Your roof may also have flashing at the edges of the roof that helps direct water safely away so that it does not back up under your shingles. Another area for flashing are the valleys, the depressed areas whether two sections of the roof meet.

In the Central Texas area, hail and windborne debris can damage flashing even if the rest of the roof is unscathed. Bent or damaged flashing can allow water to penetrate to the decking and cause it to rot. Once water has reached the decking, it is only a short time until interior leaks will be noticed. Having flashing that is structurally sound and correctly installed is extremely important if you want to protect both your roof’s substructure and the interior of your home.

When re-roofing, it is always best to have new flashing installed. Occasionally, flashing can be carefully removed and replaced, and in rare instances, asphalt shingles can be worked underneath existing flashing successfully. However, new flashing is a very small percentage of the cost involved in re-roofing a building. As flashing is so inexpensive — but provides so much protection — most people prefer to have all new flashing installed when they re-roof. New flashing provides greater peace of mind and mitigates the risk of unexpected future repairs due to leaks around the reused flashing.

Flashing installation can be tricky, so it is best to engage a reputable contractor who knows the various techniques needed to achieve the best results. For example, special methods must be used along brick walls or on split-level roofs. If you ask your roofing contractor to install new flashing as part of the re-roof, it will be more economical than if you have to have it done at a later date — or have to pay to repair damages caused by leaks around your flashing.

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