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Why Cheap Roofing Systems Cost More in the Long Run

Why Cheap Roofing Systems Cost More in the Long Run , roof contractor austinConsumers typically have several choices when they are shopping for items for their homes. For most items, the prices range from extremely cheap to surprisingly expensive. Although the various price levels make it possible for consumers to choose how much they are willing to spend, most people understand that there are usually several reasons for the different prices, including durability, appearance, and reliability. For example, when shopping for a kitchen faucet, they may notice that the one with the lowest price is lightweight, has a plastic coating, and has little aesthetic appeal. A faucet with a higher price is heavier, has a more stylish design, and appears to be solid metal. However, the differences can go far beyond what you can see. The cheaper faucet may have weaker seals, mounting nuts, or washers that can break or wear out much sooner than the equal parts designed for a costlier model. The cheaper faucet may function satisfactorily for a short period, but the expensive faucet could be more cost-effective in the long run. Similarly, when they call a roof contractor Austin homeowners frequently find that they have many options for replacing their roof, but the cheapest choice may prove to be more expensive in the long run.

Why Cheap Roofing Systems Cost More in the Long Run

Why Are Some Roof Coverings More Expensive Than Others?

Suppose you want to replace your damaged roof with new asphalt shingles. The cheapest option is typically a three-tab style with a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years. This warranty only covers manufacturing defects, so the warranty will not cover damage caused by hail, improper installation, poor ventilation, or wind. Going up one price level will get you a shingle with a longer warranty, but it will also get you a heavier shingle that can better resist environmental damage. At the top price level, your warranty can be as long as 50 years, and the shingles will be even heavier. Better shingles virtually always last longer and require fewer costly repairs. The same is true for metal roofing systems. A high-end asphalt shingle or metal roof could be the last roof you will ever need to buy for your home.

What Is a Roofing System?

Your roof consists of more than just the roof covering. You cannot see the underlayment, decking, and other components concealed by the roof covering. You cannot tell for sure whether your roofing contractor installed and sealed the flashings correctly from ground level. You likely do not know whether your valleys are protected by a waterproof membrane or how effective your passive and active ventilation systems are. All of these things are part of your roofing system. Unscrupulous roof contractors often boost their profits by installing cheap materials, especially in areas that will be hidden from your view. You could easily end up paying a roof repair cost every year or two, and these repairs could total far more over the years than it would have cost to install a better roof.

What Other Problems Might Arise From Selecting the Cheapest Roof?

Reputable roof contractors prepare written quotes that itemize all materials and show the labor costs separately. When comparing quotes, be sure to see how much the labor costs vary. A contractor with an extremely low estimate for labor could indicate that he does not carry insurance, plans to use unskilled workers, or intends to take shortcuts that could seriously compromise the quality of your new roof. Another red flag is the lack of a warranty covering the contractor’s work. If the installation is incorrect, the manufacturer can void the warranty on the materials, so you could end up paying for everything twice.

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