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Best Practices For A Commercial Roof

austin commerical roofing | Top Roofing Practices All roofs in Central Texas are subjected to forces beyond human control, including high winds, torrential rains, hail, high humidity levels, and harsh sunlight. However, commercial roofs are often subjected to even more risks than a typical residential roof. Austin roofing companies that maintain or repair commercial roofs frequently see the unfortunate results that can arise when property managers or owners do not follow a simple set of best practices.

What Are the Best Practices for a Commercial Roof?

Suppose you want your commercial roof to last a long time without costly repairs. In that case, you need to select a reputable Austin roofing contractor with the knowledge, equipment, staffing, and skills to install your commercial roof. An improperly installed roof can seldom be salvaged by the other best practices, including obtaining information about the roof, building a roof management team, having regular inspections, and limiting access to your roof.

What Information Should I Collect About My Commercial Roof?

Your file should include every piece of relevant information you can find. Collect estimates and invoices for the installation of your roof and any subsequent repair or maintenance performed. Highlight pertinent information, including the dimensions of your roof and the materials used. Carefully review all warranties to ensure that you do not inadvertently void them, then place the warranties in your file. Keep accurate records of any rooftop equipment, including upgrades or routine service calls. You should also track any work that your employees perform.

What Is a Roof Management Team for a Commercial Building?

A commercial roof management team consists of the property owner or manager and two or three other people who are experienced and knowledgeable about the subject. Your Austin roofing contractor would be an ideal member of your team. The head of your maintenance department or your building engineer might be a suitable candidate for the team. There should also be someone with the power to make roofing decisions if you are unavailable. All team members must understand the team’s goals, communicate effectively, and understand the procedure for dealing with any roofing issues.

What Is the Purpose of Regular Commercial Roof Inspections?

Regular inspections are used to identify and correct minor issues before they develop into significant problems. For example, it is much easier and less expensive to fix a seam that has lost its seal for a few inches than it is to replace a membrane that has been uplifted and blown off the roof. It is also cheaper and easier to unclog a gutter than repair the damage that the overflowing water might inflict. Ideally, it would be best if you asked your contractor to inspect your roof every six months. The inspection should include every significant component of your roof.

Why Should I Limit Access to My Commercial Roof?

Even if they have your best interests at heart, untrained personnel can create or worsen the damage. Merely wearing the wrong shoes can sometimes be enough to tear a membrane. You should only allow people on your roof if they are properly trained and garbed, and you should ensure that even these people have a legitimate reason for accessing your roof. Keep access hatches and doors locked. You can post flyers at access points that include the extension or phone number to call for rooftop access. Make sure that the person keeping the keys understands how to identify those who are approved for access.

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