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How Can I Find a Reputable Licensed Commercial Roofing Contractor?

The contractor who patched the asphalt shingles on your home is not necessarily the right choice to repair or replace the roof on your commercial building. Commercial projects tend to be much broader in scope than a typical residential project, and they typically cost a great deal more. Whether you need your roof repaired or replaced, you should hire a licensed commercial roofing contractor to make sure that the work is performed correctly.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Licensed Commercial Roofer?

To obtain a license, a roofer must have the experience, demonstrate sufficient knowledge of materials and installation techniques, and pass a test. In Austin, applicants for a commercial license must carry a general liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $500,000 as well as worker’s compensation insurance acceptable to the city’s licensing board. The fees are substantial, and the license must be renewed annually; renewals require proof that the licensee obtained the required number of continuing education units during the previous year. If the board takes disciplinary action against the roofer, the license could be terminated, and terminated licenses cannot be reinstated. As you can see, a licensed roofer has a great deal at stake, so you can have greater confidence that your project will be completed properly and within the terms of the contract.

How Do I Start Looking for a Great Commercial Roofing Company in Austin?

Start by asking yourself which roofing services you are likely to need. For example, are you looking primarily for roofing maintenance on a roof that you recently installed, or do you suspect that your roof is so old that it needs to be completely replaced? Do you just need a few roof repairs to fix some storm damage or damage caused by technicians installing a piece of equipment? Do not worry if you are not sure about the services you need; most commercial roofers will be happy to conduct a free roofing inspection to advise you.

What Are Some Tips for Selecting the Right Commercial Roofer?

Finding the right commercial roofer for your project can require a little of your time, but investing a few hours now can save you from an unwelcome financial surprise later.

1. Call other commercial property owners or managers to ask whether they have had any roofing work performed recently. If they have, ask them which contractor handled the job. Ask them how well the contractor communicated with them, whether the work was performed on time and without overruns, and if the work has held up as well as it should. Ask whether they would hire the same contractor if they needed additional work performed.
2. Look for a contractor with a permanent physical address in your area. No matter how skilled an out-of-state contractor might be, you need someone who can respond to your roofing emergencies in a matter of hours rather than days.
3. There are numerous online sites devoted to reviews of contractors. Visit a few to see what former customers have posted about the companies you are considering. Pay special attention to reviews mentioning how the company responded to issues during or after the job.

Whether you need roof repairs or a new commercial roof, you can trust the experts at Alpha Roofing. We are licensed and insured, have a stellar reputation, and offer a wide range of commercial and residential roofing services. We serve customers in the greater Austin area and many other locations in Central Texas. For a free roofing inspection and proposal, submit the online request form or call our Round Rock office at 512-777-1086.