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Why a Commercial Roof Inspection Is Needed | Austin, TX

Why a Commercial Roof Inspection Is Needed | Austin, TX, roofing services austin txWhether you are responsible for the roof covering a small office building or a massive warehouse, you would be wise to have a qualified commercial roofing company inspect your roof every spring and again in the fall. You should also schedule additional inspections after every round of severe weather. Regular roof inspections can help you save money, but they can also help you keep tenants and employees safer and happier.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Roof Inspections?

Commercial roofs receive a great deal of abuse. When it comes to severe weather and commercial roofing Austin gets more than its share. Torrential downpours, major hailstorms and strong winds all have the potential to inflict damage on a commercial roof. Technicians servicing or installing roof-mounted equipment can inadvertently damage the roof covering by dragging heavy items across the roof. Sometimes, technicians or employees inflict damage by merely walking on the roof while wearing the wrong footwear. Daily exposure to harsh sunlight and the natural aging process can cause or worsen a variety of problems.

A damaged roof can quickly lead to a leak. Water penetration can ruin the insulation that lies beneath your roof, increasing your energy bills. An interior leak can damage inventory, equipment, and furnishings. The moisture can allow mildew or toxic mold to establish thriving colonies that can affect the health of your tenants, employees or customers by exacerbating allergies or respiratory conditions. Even a small amount of water on a floor or stair could lead to a fall that results in an injury.

Regular inspections help identify issues so that you can correct them promptly. Addressing the small problems as they arise can help you avoid costly repairs, potential liabilities, and business interruptions.

What Do Commercial Roofing Contractors Evaluate During an Inspection?

Whether you request a roof inspection for insurance purposes or want to be proactive about your maintenance, credible contractors typically examine all of the following when they evaluate a commercial roof.

1. The condition of the membrane is usually the first thing that contractors evaluate. Are there any seams that have become unsealed? Are there any tears or holes? Are there any blisters or bubbles?
2. The contractor will evaluate the drainage to determine whether water is able to leave your roof quickly and easily. He will check the condition of the gutters and drains to make sure that they are clear and that they are sufficient for the size of your roof. He will verify that the slope of the roof is adequate. He will also look for pools of standing water or evidence that such pools once existed.
3. The flashing around pipes, skylights, hatches and other roof penetrations will be evaluated. Flashing is critical for the prevention of water infiltration, but it can lose this ability if it becomes loose, cracked or bent.
4. Your contractor will check the edges of the roof for any splits or cracks. Edges are often a vulnerable part of a commercial roof, so there is a good chance that he will find a problem there.
5. If necessary, your contractor will take a core sample so that he can evaluate the condition of the roof covering, insulation and decking.
6. Depending on the design of your roof, the contractor may evaluate other components. For example, if you have masonry walls, he may inspect them for deterioration or water penetration.
7. Your contractor will probably want to examine the interior of your building. He will try to identify foul odors that could signify the presence of mold as well as look for visual evidence of mold or mildew. He will look for signs of water that has reached the interior, including stains, blistered paint, and warped woodwork.

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