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How to Choose Wood Siding | Austin, TX

How to Choose Wood Siding | Austin, TX, texas roofingWood has been a popular siding material throughout the history of the United States. There are several types of wood commonly used for siding a home. There are also several different siding design types. Consult a reputable siding contractor before choosing a wood or design type. An experienced siding contractor can recommend the best wood and design for your budget, your architecture and your overall plan for your home.

What Woods Are Commonly Used for Siding?

Pine is the most popular type of wood used for siding in Texas. It is economical, easily worked and readily available. Fir is another popular option in Central Texas, but it can be prone to warping or shrinkage if it is allowed to absorb moisture. Many homeowners prefer cedar for its stability, aesthetic appeal and resistance to rot and insects. Redwood and spruce are also options, but since these woods must be transported over a great distance to reach Central Texas, they are more expensive than pine, fir and cedar. Another possibility is cypress; it offers the resistance to insects and rot found in cedar and redwood siding, but as cypress is hard to mill, it is seldom used to clad modern homes. Each type of wood has advantages and disadvantages. For example, pine, fir and spruce can be attacked by insects or suffer water damage if not properly maintained.

What Maintenance Is Required for Wood Siding?

Because wood is a natural material, special siding installation methods must be used to allow for the individual wood pieces to expand and contract without cracking or warping. At the same time, water must not be allowed to penetrate the wood or seep through joints. Before installation, a waterproof material should be installed under the wood siding to prevent moisture from building up and eventually entering the interior structure of the home. Joints around windows and doors should be caulked securely and carefully inspected at least once a year.

To enhance the beauty of the wood and to prolong its life, the siding will need to be painted or stained and sealed periodically. Sealants typically need to be applied every 18 to 24 months. Paint may last up to five years, but if the paint begins to blister, peel or crack, the siding will need to be repainted immediately. Untreated or neglected wood siding will quickly deteriorate due to exposure to the sun and other elements. Furthermore, most types of wood used for siding are susceptible to insect infiltrations. Staining and sealing the wood or painting it periodically can deter insect damage, but such measures may not eliminate all risks.

Is There a Viable Alternative to Wood Siding?

If you like the look of wood siding but would prefer to skip the maintenance, you might want to consider fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is available in textures that resemble wood siding. It is also available in almost all of the same styles as wood, including clapboard and board-and-batten siding styles as well as clamshells and shingles. Maintaining fiber cement siding usually involves little more than an occasional cleaning. Fiber cement siding is highly resistant to flames, insects, hail damage, UV rays, water damage and fungi. Whether your home’s architecture is Victorian, rustic, ultramodern or traditional, you can find fiber cement siding that will enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal.

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