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Commercial Roofing – Replace or Repair?

Commercial Roofing - Replace or Repair?, commercial roofing austin txCommercial roofs can suffer damage from a variety of sources. During the summer, it is subjected to high temperatures and harsh radiation. It can be pounded by hail, raked by high winds and pummeled by rain. Well-meaning but woefully uninformed people can cause damage by just walking on it in the wrong footwear or dragging items across it. Once a commercial roof has been damaged, the problem needs to be remedied quickly. Otherwise, the damage can spread to the interior and structural components of the building. The problem that many people have is that they are not sure whether to repair or replace a commercial roof. Although only a thorough inspection by a qualified commercial roof contractor can reveal the right solution for your particular roof, the following information may be helpful to know.

Commercial Roofing – Replace or Repair?

What Factors Influence Whether Commercial Roofs Should Be Repaired or Replaced?

No two roofs are identical, so no two roofs will suffer identical damages in identical locations from identical sources. This makes it more difficult to make blanket statements about whether you should replace or repair a commercial roof. However, there are some general guidelines that you may find beneficial.

• Most commercial roofing companies advise that if the damage covers more than approximately 25 percent of the roof, it is almost always more cost-effective to replace it.
• When conducting an inspection, commercial roofing contractors will check the condition of the insulation. If the insulation is wet or insufficient, the roof will probably need to be replaced.
• If the insulation is in good condition, the membrane is not near the end of its life expectancy, and the damage is not extensive, it may be possible to repair.
• A re-cover is another possibility for a damaged roof that only has one membrane and is fundamentally sound. However, a re-cover is a once-in-a-lifetime operation, so if the roof has previously been re-covered, it will need to be replaced.
• If the roof deck has suffered significant damage, the deck will need to be replaced or repaired. This means that the roof itself will need to be replaced.
• If a moisture problem is present, the roof contractor will need to investigate the source of the moisture. If activities conducted inside the building are producing the excess moisture that is compromising the roof’s integrity, the structure may have the wrong roof. This almost always will require a new roof to correct the issue.
• Another factor that will need to be evaluated is the age of the roof, and it’s life expectancy when installed. As an example, suppose the roof had an expected life of 25 years when it was installed 23 years ago. Even if repairs are possible, a replacement would be more cost-effective in the long run.

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