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What Should You Do After Major Roof Damage?

What Should You Do After Major Roof Damage? austin, txYour roof is your home’s primary defense against nature, including the weather and various pests. Unfortunately, Texas roofing is susceptible to damage from a number of sources. A strong wind can blow away shingles, send a tree limb crashing down or cause a collision between wind-borne objects and roofs. Large hailstones can dent metal roofs, break skylights, crack flashings or break shingles, and even hail that is considered relatively small can inflict damage if the stones have sufficient velocity and fall over an extended period. Although lightning strikes on homes are relatively rare, they do happen occasionally, and they can cause significant damage to roofs. Texans are also acutely aware of the possibility of tornadoes that can inflict substantial damage. However, the weather is not the only thing that can cause major damage to roofs. For example, a neighbor who makes an error while felling a tree on his property could send the tree crashing onto your home, and there are a number of pests that can inflict major damage if they remain undetected for a sufficient amount of time. Most roofs that suffer major damage incur that damage during storms, however, so knowing how to deal with the damage in the immediate aftermath of a storm could prove helpful.

What Should You Do After Major Roof Damage?

What Are the First Steps Homeowners Should Take When Their Roofs Incur Major Storm Damage?

Safety must always be your primary concern. Roofs that have suffered major structural damage can collapse, so consider evacuating your home or moving into a part of your home that retains its structural integrity if you have reason to suspect a collapse is imminent. Never go out in a storm to inspect for damage. You could be struck by wind-borne debris or pummeled by hail, or you could slip or trip and fall. You could also injure yourself on broken glass or other sharp objects that you fail to see in the darkness of the storm.

1. If rain or hail is entering your home’s interior, kill the power to the affected room or rooms by flipping the appropriate circuit breakers. If water is pooling on the floor or flowing down a wall, do not attempt to unplug electronics until you kill the power.

2. Your next step is to take whatever actions you can to mitigate the damage. This may include moving furnishings or covering them with a tarp, going into the attic to secure waterproof tarps to block additional water penetration if you can do so safely, or placing buckets or pans in strategic locations to collect water that is leaking into your home’s interior.

3. Depending on your policy terms, you need to call either your insurance agent or the company’s claims hotline to report the damage. Be sure to ask whether you are covered for emergency roof repairs if you are unsure. If water is entering your home’s interior, that is usually sufficient to justify an emergency repair.

4. Your next call should be to a reputable roof company to request a damage inspection. Keep in mind that for a roof inspection, Austin contractors will want to make sure that their inspectors will be able to remain safe while conducting the examination. Therefore, do not expect a roofing contractor to dispatch personnel while the storm is raging to conduct inspections or make emergency roof repairs. However, if the storm caused damage over a wide area, dozens or even hundreds of homeowners may be calling for help, so you want to do your best to make sure that you are near the top of the contractor’s schedule.

5. Document the damage as best you can and as quickly as you can. Take videos or pictures of the damage before the debris is removed or temporary repairs are made. Make written notes that include information about any possessions damaged as a result of the storm.

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