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Tornado Season & Storm Roof Damage

On average, 132 tornadoes touch down in Texas every year, and although they can strike anytime, over 62 percent of them occur between April and June. In 1967, Hurricane Beulah spawned at least 115 tornadoes over a five-day period; 67 occurred on a single day. Although the chances of your home taking a direct hit from a tornado are statistically low, hundreds of roofs are damaged by tornadoes every year in Austin and Central Texas. Much of the roof damage is caused by tornadoes that rank low on the Fujita scale, so they are comparatively weak. Nevertheless, the storm damage can leave you with a leaking roof or one that is seriously compromised. Knowing how to handle tornado damage to your roof can help protect you, your furnishings and your savings.

Tornado Season & Storm Roof Damage

Prepare in Advance

After your town experiences a tornado, you may not be able to purchase supplies to repair your roof. Downed trees and power lines, debris-choked streets and emergency vehicles will likely make it difficult to reach a store. If you are able to make the trip, you may find that the supplies you need are already sold out. Build your own repair kit by purchasing several tarps, a hammer, a few rolls of duct tape and some nails. Place your kit where you can easily access it.

Wait Until the Storm Clears

You do not want to be on your roof while heavy rain or hail is falling, lightning is flashing or strong winds are blowing. Stay inside until the storm clears. If water is entering your house, place a bucket under the leak or move your belongings to a safer spot.

Document the Damage

Before you nail down a tarp or make any emergency repairs, take 40 or 50 photographs of the damage from as many angles as you can. If possible, use both a digital camera and a smartphone so that you will have pictures from two sources. The more pictures you have, the better you can prove to the insurance company how much damage was incurred. After taking photographs, you can cover damaged areas with tarps, securing the edges with both duct tape and nails.

Stay Off a Severely Damaged Roof

If the roof is swaying, dipping or bucking, stay off of it. Call a professional roofer if you have any doubt about your roof’s integrity. Sometimes, a roof that merely looks a bit sunken could collapse under your weight.

Call Your Insurance Company ASAP

If your policy covers storm damage to your roof, you should begin the claims process right away. Even if the damage in your town involves only a few homes, it can still take time for your claim to be processed. If the damage is widespread, the time will be even longer.

Wait Until All Repairs Are Completed Before Closing Your Claim

Tornado damage can involve more than just a few missing shingles. Roofers frequently discover additional damage during their inspections or while making emergency roofing repairs. If you have already settled your claim, you may have to bear the additional expense.

Call Alpha for Emergency Repairs

Austin roofing contractors are a dime a dozen, but Alpha Roofing understands the need for prompt action after your roof has incurred tornado damage, so we offer emergency roof repairs. We also offer other types of roof repair in Austin, including the installation of asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, repair chimneys, install siding and other roof-related services. We are experienced professionals, have outstanding references and have built a solid reputation that is based on the superiority of our work, our professional customer service and our reasonable rates. You can call 512-777-1086 or submit the online form to request a free quote.

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