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How to Extend the Life of Your Austin Commercial Roof

How to Extend the Life of Your Austin Commercial Roof. austin commerical roofing There are many types of roofing materials that can be used in a commercial building, and each type can vary in cost and life expectancy. However, even the most economical commercial roof can put a dent in your budget, so you probably want to get as many years as possible from your existing roof before you have to replace it. Here are a few things that licensed roofing companies know about extending the life of a commercial roof.

How Well Do You Maintain Your Commercial Roof?

Like many other building components, a commercial roof lasts longer if you maintain it properly. In Central Texas, nature is often unkind to commercial roofing. You can expect your roof to be exposed to hailstorms, blistering heat, torrential downpours, and strong wind gusts at some point during its life, and it is quite likely that your roof will have to endure multiple onslaughts. It is also quite possible that your roof will suffer at least a little damage from storms and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The problem with minor damage is that it will inevitably progress to significant damage. When damage is caught early, commercial roofing contractors can typically make economical repairs. If repairs are neglected, the damage can extend to the roof insulation, deck, gutter system, and building’s interior, making repairs more difficult and more expensive. Have a reputable commercial roof contractor inspect your roof after every severe storm. You should also schedule routine inspections at least once every year and preferably every six months.

Who Should Walk on a Commercial Roof?

Unless it is a true emergency, only commercial roofing contractors and well-trained service technicians should be allowed on your roof. Many commercial roofing types are easily damaged if the person walking on them does not have the proper shoes or does not know the weak areas that they need to avoid. Unless you have permanent walkways affixed to your roof, when you call for commercial roofing services, ask whether the contractor can bring temporary walk pads to use while on your roof.

What Are Some Vital Services for Commercial Roofs?

Pools of standing water on a low-slope commercial roof are never a good sign even if the water eventually evaporates and only leaves a dirty ring to testify to its existence. Often, pooling is the result of clogged gutters, so gutter maintenance is vital for commercial roofs. Never ignore any evidence of a leak, including stains on an interior ceiling, water spots on equipment or furniture, and mold or mildew growing in unexpected locations. If you suspect a leak, ask your contractor for assistance as soon as possible. If there are trees in your building’s vicinity, ensure that there is a minimum space of 10 feet between their branches and your roof to make it more difficult for rodents and other pests to reach your roof. A clean roof is less likely to suffer unnecessary damage, so ask your contractor to remove any debris or dirt.

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