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Should I Tear-Off or Overlay My Roof?

Should I Tear-Off or Overlay My Roof? austin roofing companiesNow that the time has come for a roof replacement, you may be asking yourself how you can get through this as conveniently and inexpensively as possible. A new roof does not seem as glamorous or satisfying as a remodeled bathroom or kitchen. As mundane as it may appear, the roof on your home is possibly the most crucial part of it. Not ensuring that your roof is replaced when it has endured too much damage or too many years can cause devastation to your entire home. When you need to replace your roof, you may wonder whether you should have the old roof torn off or have the new shingled applied over the existing roof.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Roof Overlay?

A roof overlay can be performed quicker than removal and replacement. Overlays can reduce your immediate costs, but these are short-term savings. Next time you need a roof replacement, you will pay more for labor and disposal fees because there will be two layers of shingles to be removed; two layers are the maximum allowed by most municipalities, so you cannot go with an overlay since it would be the third layer.

If you are selling your house, an overlay will likely count as a negative selling point. A roof that has an overlay may not look as good as one installed after the old roof was removed. An emergency roof repair can be more difficult and more expensive, and routine preventive maintenance can also be more expensive. The extra weight of an overlay could cause structural damage to the roof, and any decking damage can be challenging to repair. The roof will be hotter, and the extra heat can build up in the attic space, potentially resulting in a reduced life for the new roof and increased cooling bills if the heat is transferred to the living areas.

Why Is It Better to Tear Off Your Old Roof?

Removing the existing roof will allow the roofing company to view the entire decking surface and easily replace any damaged decking. With an overlay, it is challenging to evaluate the condition of the decking accurately. The new shingles will look better and be more secure. Material warranties will stay valid if roofing companies follow the manufacturer’s specifications, and these specifications often include a warning that an overlay could void the warranty. Any roof services needed after the replacement will be quicker and likely less expensive. The resale value of the home will increase with a properly replaced roof, and the new roof will attract more potential buyers if the house is to be sold. For all of these reasons, if your new roof is an insurance restoration, your insurance company may insist on complete removal and replacement.

Does a Second Layer of Shingles Provide Better Protection Against Roof Leaks?

You might think that the second layer of shingles would give you twice as much protection against leaks. However, this is not necessarily true. Furthermore, if your new roof develops a leak, the double layers can make it more challenging to find the source of the leak. The water could travel across the bottom layer for a long distance before finding a way into your interior spaces. You could notice a water stain on the ceiling in a room that is many yards away from the water’s access point.

Is a Roof Overlay Ever Acceptable?

There are a few instances in which an overlay would be a viable option. If your existing roof is relatively new and your new shingles are identical in style, your roofing company may be able to determine that the decking is still sound and recommend an overlay. Some roofing companies can install a metal roofing system over asphalt shingles if the decking and other components are intact. If your shingles have deteriorated to the point that multiple leaks have developed or are on the verge of developing, protecting the other structural elements and your possessions is of paramount importance. Under those circumstances, if you absolutely cannot afford the extra cost of tearing off the old shingles, an overlay would be better than doing nothing.

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