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Tips to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair

Tips to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair, roofing austin txSeveral common types of damage cause homeowners to seek emergency roof repairs. Large hail might crack asphalt shingles, or high winds could tear sections of shingles from the roof. A tree limb might fall on the roof and crack the decking, lightning might strike the roof, or wildlife could do damage that is not recognized until a heavy rain falls. Flashings could be broken or blown away during a previous storm and go undetected until the next storm. However, most emergency repairs result from a roof that is more worn-out or heavily damaged than the homeowner realizes. Regardless of the cause, it can be quite disconcerting to discover that your roof is leaking. If you are wondering how to handle a residential roofing emergency, the following advice may help.

Tips to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair

What Are the First Things to Do About a Leaking Roof?

If you see signs that your roof is allowing water to enter your home, remain calm. If you panic, you could make some poor decisions that could result in additional damage or even lead to an injury. Take a deep breath, count to at least 10, and then take the following steps.

• Stay indoors until the storm passes. There is little that you can do about your roof in the middle of the storm, and you could be struck by lightning, injured by a falling tree branch, or pummeled by hail. Even roofing companies often refuse to dispatch emergency crews while a storm is raging.
• Even if the storm is over, do not try to go onto your roof at night. Understandably, you are in a hurry to determine just how severely your roof has been damaged, but you will not be able to assess the damage or make temporary repairs in the dark. Furthermore, you would be endangering your safety.
• If there are electrical appliances or outlets in the path of the leaking water, shut off the breaker to that part of the house. If water is leaking on your furniture or other possessions, you might want to move them to another area or place a tarp over them.
• If you can safely access your attic, you can place a tarp on the underside of your roof deck to hold back the leak. A large pail or pot can be used to collect dripping water to prevent additional damage to the ceiling or wall in the room under the leak.

What Are the Next Steps for Dealing With a Roof Leak?

Your initial actions were focused on protecting yourself from injury and preventing additional damage to your home’s structural components and furnishings. Your next steps will focus on repairing the damage to your roof.

• If you know a trusted licensed roofing contractor who offers emergency repairs as one of his roof services, call to schedule an appointment. If your roof was damaged during a severe storm that affected a large area, many contractors would fill their schedules quickly, so try to get on your preferred contractor’s list as soon as possible.
• Deal only with a reputable, local, experienced roofing contractor. Storm chasers often start arriving within 24 hours after a major storm has swept through a highly populated area. They frequently have no insurance, perform inferior work, and move on before their customers discover that there are problems with the job.
• It is your decision whether to call your insurance company immediately. However, you might want to wait until your contractor has completed his inspection so that you can have additional information. For example, he might find that the cost to repair the damage would not exceed your deductible, so filing a claim would not benefit you.

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